What is the right way to walk on a slippery surface?

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One of the top workplace accidents in Louisiana is falls. Falls can occur due to many things, but slippery surfaces are a common culprit. If you work in a situation where you must be on a slippery surface often, then learning techniques and tips to help you walk on such surfaces can be quite helpful. Carnegie Mellon University offers some solid advice to help you get better footing on slippery surfaces and avoid falls.

You should always use common sense when it comes to slippery surfaces. Obviously, if you can avoid a wet, icy or oily floor, then do that instead of walking on it. However, if you cannot avoid the surface, then at least be smart about walking on it. You should not carry anything that obstructs your view or puts you off balance when walking on the surface. In addition, you should wear footwear designed with a non-slip sole. There are many different options, for example, for those working in the food industry who often walk on oily floors.

It also helps to learn how to walk on a slippery surface. The basic guidelines begin with taking smaller steps. This allows you to maintain your balance easier and keeps both feet in contact with the floor more often than not. Your feet should also point out slightly. This aids with stability. Some may compare this style of walking to that of a penguin, which works because penguins walk on snow and ice all the time and do a pretty good job of it. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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