Facts about construction zone accidents

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Accidents in construction zones are unfortunately a common occurrence in Louisiana. Construction zones are a dangerous place due to the nature of the work and the many dangerous machines and equipment used. However, accidents can often be prevented through the vigilance of employers, workers and others around construction zones. Despite best efforts, though, accidents still occur all too often, many resulting in catastrophic injuries or death.

One area where accidents seem to happy too frequently are those that involve construction vehicles. Vehicle accidents, according to Federal Highway Administration, have been on the rise since 2013. There is an average of one fatality each week due to such accidents. About 26 percent of the crashes in 2015 resulted in at least one injury. Speed, alcohol and not wearing a seatbelt were main factors in injuries and deaths in these accidents.

Another consideration when it comes to construction zones is when work is being done on roadways. Often roads are not completely closed due to construction so workers must work alongside moving traffic. In some cases, such traffic is traveling at high speeds. While construction zones usually have reduced speed limits, this may not deter speeding, which increases the likelihood of serious accidents. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, over 100 construction workers are killed each year due to accidents involving passing traffic. In addition, workers may also be injured due to accidents nearby a construction zone. It is also noted that almost half of all the fatalities in the construction industry involve vehicles and construction equipment.

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