What are the effects of a spinal cord injury?

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While you may be aware of the immediate effects of a spinal cord injury, there are more consequences that may occur. Paralysis is typically the immediate affect people think of when they think of the injuries due to spinal cord damage. The amount of paralysis and the other effects from the injury may depend on where the damage is located and whether it is complete or incomplete.

According to the Mayo Clinic, if you have a spinal injury, you are likely to suffer more than just paralysis. You may be unable to feel hot or cold on your skin, which means increased chances of frostbite or burns. Circulatory issues are also a problem because the body needs movement to keep the blood flowing properly throughout your limbs. Breathing may also become more difficult, and you may not be able to control your bowels or bladder. It is also possible to develop uncontrolled muscle tightening or spasms and have trouble with sexual functioning and fertility. You may lose weight, too.

It is also common for there to be psychological side effects from a spinal injury. You may feel pain in the injured areas of your body, although, this may have more to do with nerves than an imagined sensation. Depression is also a concern. Losing mobility is a major life adjustment. Not being able to do many things you may have once done or having a much harder time doing them can be a major blow to your psyche. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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