What can I do to stay safe on a shipping vessel?

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Working on board a ship or other vessel is a difficult job. Not only are you often isolated for weeks or even months at a time but you are also confined to a small area and working around very dangerous equipment. It is no surprise the maritime industry is one of the most dangerous in Louisiana. When you work in this industry, you really cannot rely solely on someone else to keep you safe. You need to watch out for yourself. 

Safety4Sea advises you to ensure you feel you have had adequate safety training. If you do not, then ask for more training. If you do not feel you have the training to do a specific task safely, then, again, tell your supervisor that you want more training so you can do a safe job. You should also do a quick sweep of the vessel to note anything that seems unsafe to you or concerns you and bring that up with your supervisor. There really is not a chance to let something go or ignore an issue because once you set sail, you are stuck dealing with any problems. It is better to get things out in the open right away.

Enclosed spaces are often a danger on vessels. While you may be required to enter enclosed spaces, you should have access to proper safety equipment and fully understand emergency procedures. In addition, you should not be forced to enter a space you feel is unsafe.

Finally, employers need conduct safety drills on a regular basis. Everyone should participate. These drills should cover everything from how to react in an emergency to how to use safety equipment or emergency escape breathing devices. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.


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