Most slip-and-fall events are preventable

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Each year, countless people in the Lake Charles area slip, trip and fall. Some of these incidents occur inside of their homes. However, a growing number of slip-and-fall accidents happen in nonresidential places like in work environments, stores, entertainment venues and restaurants. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 31,959 people die in fall accidents. Many more individuals suffer mild to catastrophic injuries, such as concussions, bone fractures and brain trauma. 

Slip-and-fall accidents often lead to a great deal of emotional, physical and financial trauma for many victims. Fall accidents usually happen when there are hazardous conditions that interfere with people’s ability to walk and move about the premises safely. 

Common issues that lead to slips and falls include: 

  •        Objects in the walkway
  •        Uneven surfaces
  •        Loose floor surfaces
  •        Slippery floors
  •        Buckled carpets
  •        Damaged pathways
  •        Loose and misplaced electrical cords and cables 

Property owners can “prevent slip-and-fall accidents by taking reasonable measures to keep their buildings safe from hazards,” states FindLaw. When property owners neglect their responsibilities and do not maintain their premises and keep them free of foreseeable dangers, anyone who slips, falls and hurts themselves may file a claim against them for negligence. They may also seek compensation for damages they may incur from any medical care and lost wages. 

Not all slip-and-fall accidents are due strictly to negligence and dangerous conditions. Some hazards are easily avoidable. When proving fault in slip-and-fall cases, one must prove that the incident would not have occurred if the property owner and their workers and representatives did not take reasonable actions to correct it.

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