Truck drivers have to focus on the road for safety’s sake

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Trucking accidents take the lives of many people every year. It’s a fact that plenty of drivers dislike being on the roads with truck drivers, because they’re worried about what could happen if the driver doesn’t see them, falls asleep or is distracted.

Most collisions happen when a driver isn’t paying attention, so it’s vital that those behind the wheel of trucks focus only on the road. What happens if they don’t? They could cause a crash. In fact, a 2011 study showed that drivers who were handling their cellphones and dialing were more likely to make frequent steering corrections. Those corrections were larger than those who only spent their time talking on their phones.

What can drivers do to help avoid collisions?

  • Don’t eat and drive
    • Drivers who eat behind the wheel put themselves and others at risk. They may only have one hand on the wheel or be distracted by eating. Simply pulling over is a safe alternative.
  • Don’t read or write when driving
    • Sometimes, you may think you need to finish a log or to write down a number quickly, but pull over to do so. Even a few seconds looking away from the road can cause a crash.
  • Avoid using paper maps
    • Paper maps are distracting and large. They block your vision and take your eyes off the road. Use a GPS system to help you get where you want to go.
  • Don’t use a dispatching device while on the roads
    • A dispatching device gives you information you need, but it is also highly distracting. Use them off the road.
  • Avoid texting while driving
    • Don’t text behind the wheel. Taking your eyes off the roads for only a few seconds is enough time to cause a crash.

These are a few things drivers can do to avoid collisions. Those who are impacted by collisions could be badly hurt, so prevention is the key to reducing the risk of injuries and deaths.

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