Speeding increases accident risk

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Most people in the Lake Charles area do not realize how serious car accidents can be until they end up involved one. When drivers disregard speed, traffic signals and laws, they put other motorists at risk of accidents and life-threatening injuries, not just themselves. Common types of car accident injuries that occur include whiplash, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic distress, states FindLaw. In order for the roads to remain safe, motorists must obey all laws and traffic regulations. 

Traffic laws and signals help to reduce the amount of confusion and chaos that can occur on the roads. They also serve to regulate the pace of traffic. Though many car accidents occur from driver negligence, there are other factors that can increase liability on motorists and issues that are beyond their control to consider. One of those factors involves excessive speeds. 

The importance of following speed limits

Many people are in a hurry when they drive. They ignore the speed limits and drive faster than necessary. When motorists disregard speed limits, the risk of serious accidents and fatalities increases. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2014, “23 percent of speed-related car crash fatalities occurred on local roads” across the country. 

Speed limits are determined by different methods. No matter how they are determined, there is no excuse for motorists to not follow them. Law enforcement agencies are cracking down on careless and reckless drivers. Motorists should ignore the impulse to speed and follow all traffic rules, especially the speed limits to prevent accidents.

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