What are some common oil rig accidents?

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Most people in the Lake Charles area who work in the oil extraction industry know how dangerous it can be. They are often exposed to hazardous working conditions that increase their risk of catastrophic injuries and death. Those who end up in severe accidents face challenging recoveries and require life-long care and rehabilitation. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, workers in the oil and gas extraction sector are seven times more likely to die from performing work-related activities than workers in other industries. 

It is important for oil rig workers and their employers to understand the common causes of worksite accidents so measures can be taken to prevent them. Here is a brief overview of accidents that can happen on oil rigs. 

Equipment and machinery 

Oil rig contractors use heavy equipment and machinery that require care and skill. It is not uncommon for workers to lose body parts and to become lodged in between work equipment. Machinery can also malfunction and fall on workers, causing them suffer grievous injuries and die. 

Fires and explosions 

There are very volatile substances on rigging sites that can ignite and cause explosions. Exposure to these substances can also cause workers to develop respiratory issues and chronic health conditions. Oil rig fires and explosions are a leading cause of serious burns, injuries and death in the industry. 


Falls are very common in oil rig structures. There are many factors that increase the risk of same-level and elevated-level fall accidents. Depending on the circumstances and hazards that are present, workers are more likely to survive same level fall accidents than multiple level fall accidents. 

Oil rig accidents are common. Working conditions are not as safe as many other industries. Workers should remain diligent and alert while working to reduce their chances of becoming injured and dying. Oil rig owners and operators must take reasonable actions to ensure their workers’ safety to reduce the number of accidents that occur. 

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