How can workers prevent workplace accidents

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When it comes to workplace accidents in the Lake Charles area, many workers do not realize the role they play. Usually, employers assume the blame when accidents occur that leave their employees hurt or dead. Though injured employees can receive workers’ compensation benefits, the pain, suffering, inconvenience and lesser standard of living are often not worth having to go through the process. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 5,190 workers died from injuries they sustained while they were at their jobs. There are many reasons why fatal workplace accidents occur, including horseplay, substance abuse, disregard for workplace policies, hazards and inattentiveness. Workers can lessen the likelihood of them having accidents on the job with the following actions. 

Pay attention 

People who do not pay attention to their surroundings are likely to end up hurt or dead when they encounter workplace hazards. Inattentiveness makes it harder for employees to spot, report and avoid potential dangers. 

Follow training guidelines 

It is not unusual for employees to use shortcuts and violate workplace policy to make their job duties easier and more manageable. Not following proper procedure and training guidelines can often cause workplace accidents and injuries, states Concentra. 

Report hazards 

Employers must take preventative measures to ensure their workers’ safety. Hazardous conditions can develop at anytime. Employers and their representatives are not always around to identify and correct them. Workers should immediately report dangerous conditions and malfunctioning/defective equipment and follow proper company policy and procedure to notify others. 

Workers and their employers should make workplace safety a top priority. Workers should be mindful of the dangers they might become exposed to while on the job and do their best to avoid them.

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