Why bring an attorney to the scene of a truck accident?

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It is not always easy to know what to do after a car accident that involves a commercial truck. These experiences can cause devastating damage, and are rarely simple when it comes to settling claims of injuries and other losses. If a victim does not know how to protect his or her rights at the scene and is unable to collect important evidence, it may prove very difficult to build a successful claim and pursue fair compensation.

Many victims of commercial truck accidents choose to call an attorney to the scene of the accident as soon as it occurs. This helps ensure that the victim focuses on their own physical concerns and can contact family or colleagues to inform them of the accident, while at the same time preserving the victim’s rights.

An attorney understands many nuances of the law that a victim may not realize apply. He or she has the experience to identify important evidence that victims are likely to miss or may not even know to look for in the first place.

An attorney represents you to others at the scene

After a commercial truck accident, it may seem harmless to apologize to other parties, but this is actually quite unwise. Many apologies qualify as an acceptance of liability for the accident itself, which is the last thing a victim of a truck accident wants to do. Instead of risking a lucrative case by apologizing, victims can let their attorneys speak for them at the accident scene. The commercial driver and his or her employer will certainly look for any grounds to claim they have no liability.

The attorney can also represent the victim to the police, if an officer comes to the scene. The officer will want the victim’s account of the events leading up to the accident for the police report. That means it’s vital for the attorney to keep the victim from making remarks that could prove damaging from a legal standpoint.

Not only does this protect the victim from saying anything that indicates responsibility for the accident, the attorney may also interview the other parties to gather evidence to build a claim on the client’s behalf.

An attorney ensures evidence isn’t overlooked

If a victim is very lucky, he or she may not suffer serious injuries in the accident. However, even without injuries, victims may not know to gather evidence at the scene or not know what types of evidence to look for.

Attorneys can begin collecting evidence immediately upon arrival, including photographic and video evidence of the scene and statements from the other driver or from witnesses. Attorneys also understand how to interpret evidence in log sheets that truck drivers must maintain, and may seek security footage from nearby businesses.

If you or someone you love experience an accident caused by a big rig, it is important to understand the immediate protections that an attorney can offer. With professional guidance, you can focus on your recovery and let your Lake Charles personal injury attorney keep your rights and interests secure until the case is resolved.

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