How can workers avoid burn injuries on the job?

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Burns are a common type of injury in many Lake Charles area work environments. Employees are exposed to chemicals, electrical and thermal hazards that increase their risk of burn trauma. According to the National Law Review, out of the “1.1 million burn victims that receive medical attention each year, approximately 4,500 of them die.” Many of those individuals suffered burns while they were performing their jobs. 

Because burn injuries commonly occur in the workplace, The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) requires employers to follow their fire and burn regulations to protect their workers from harm. Employees should also use the following pointers to reduce the likelihood of burn injuries and other trauma in the workplace. 

Learn and follow all rules 

Employers must have policies and rules in place to instruct workers on acceptable and unacceptable workplace behaviors. Workers should regularly review the rules and regulations and use proper safety measures to prevent burn accidents. 

Stay alert 

It is imperative for workers to pay attention so they can spot potential issues that could lead to accidents and injuries. They should also report any hazards and dangerous conditions that could result in burn injuries. 

Put safety first 

Sometimes workers take shortcuts and horse around while they are working. These actions dramatically increase the likelihood of accidents and burn trauma. Workers should maintain a “safety first” mentality to ensure they do not take shortcuts and take measures to avoid accidents. 

Burn accidents are preventable when both workers and employers do their part. Workers who sustain burns or any type of injury while on the job should follow all incident reporting procedures. They may also qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

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