How prepared are you for a car accident?

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When car accidents happen in the Lake Charles area, it is not because they are planned. They usually happen unexpectedly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “more than 1,000 people end up with mild to serious injuries in accidents caused by distracted motorists.” With the number of motorists who text-and-drive increasing, accidents are often unavoidable. You cannot predict when you might end up in a motor vehicle collision. But there are actions you can take to prepare yourself. 

Keep a car accident kit in your vehicle. Think of the essential items you might need if your car becomes disabled and you become stranded. Your emergency car accident kit should include batteries, flashlights, blankets, hats, scarves, bottles of water, flares, protein bars or snacks, a spare cellphone and charger and first-aid kit. 

After an accident, you might feel some confusion and disbelief when you think of what has happened. Take a deep breath, check yourself and your passengers for trauma. Turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights and place flares around it when it is safe enough for you to do so. The flares and your hazard lights will warn other drivers to stay away from the scene and help law enforcement and emergency personnel find you faster. 

Call the police to inform them of the accident. When they arrive, make a statement about the incident. Do not tell them anything that places any liability or fault for the accident on yourself. A police statement is one of the biggest pieces of evidence insurance companies and courts use to determine who is responsible and must pay for car accident claims. 

Always drive defensively and attentively. Never take chances when you are on the road. Steer clear of motorists who show signs of intoxication and recklessness. Do not forget to check your emergency car accident kit periodically and to keep up the maintenance and repairs on your vehicle to lower the likelihood of you ending up in a motor vehicle collision.

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