Why do large trucks have to be weighed?

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As you are driving on Louisiana highways, you probably have noticed trucks leaving the roadway to go into weigh stations. Why do large trucks have to be weighed when passenger vehicles do not? What is the importance of vehicle weight? Does the weighing of trucks have any effects on you? These may be some of the questions that go through your mind when you see a truck pull off. 

According to Industrial Scale Company, there are weight restrictions on trucks set at the state and federal levels. These restrictions are in place for a few reasons. One that probably will not be surprising to you is for tax purposes. Truck weight is used to calculate the taxes paid for that vehicle to help pay for road repairs and maintenance. Another reason is trucks weighing over a certain amount may need special permits, which they must pay for. 

Perhaps the biggest reason for weight restrictions is safety. Roads and certain areas of roadways are limited as to how much weight they can handle. If a truck weighs too much, it could break down a structure, such as a bridge. Knowing the weight enables truck drivers to avoid routes with restrictions. In addition, an overloaded truck will not operate properly. It will take longer to stop and could create hazards on the roadway.

Finally, companies like trucks to be weighed so they know how much they can haul. It enables trucking companies to ensure they have enough trucks for jobs. It also helps with pricing and knowing what to charge for what the trucks haul. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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