What are the most deadly risks on a boat?

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Working on a boat or ship is a dangerous occupation, but if you are like many maritime workers, you probably could not imagine working anywhere else. The reality is that for many workers on Louisiana boats, accidents and dangerous situations can be avoided by following proper safety protocols and planning carefully for the unpredictability of the waterways. A good start to preparing properly is understanding what the greatest risks are when you work on a boat.

According to Marine Insight, a common onboard accident scenario is a worker getting stuck in a space with a flammable or toxic gas. Following proper safety procedures for entering confined spaces can help to eliminate these risks. 

Explosions of machinery can also pose major risks on a ship. If machinery is not maintained and maintenanced correctly, then it could blow up and cause major damage to the ship, along with injuring or killing those onboard.

You also always have to be aware of someone going overboard. It is an incredibly dangerous situation because it often occurs when the waters are rough or there is a storm, which makes finding someone in the water difficult. 

Another common risk is electrical shocks. Obviously, water and electricity do not mix. If there are improper electrical connections or issues with exposed wires, the risk is huge for electrocutions or shocks. 

Watching out for common risks and being on top of all safety procedures and protocols can really help to keep you safer when you work on a boat. This information is for education and is not legal advice. 

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