What is a common mistake injured workers make?

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Most workers trust their Lake Charles area employers to do more than provide them with a way to earn a living. They also trust them to provide them with a safe working environment. Workers in the construction field face a high number of hazards while they are on the job. According to ConstructConnect, “in 2016, 991 worker fatalities occurred in the construction industry, making it the third-highest sector for employee fatalities.” 

Injured workers are covered by the workers’ compensation system. It provides financial compensation for lost job income and medical bills. To receive those benefits, workplace accident victims must follow certain procedures, provide information and file their workers’ compensation benefits claims within a specific time. Denials are common, especially when workers make mistakes right after their accidents. 

Returning to work too soon 

Construction injuries are often much more serious than the type that can afflict workers in other industries. Construction site injuries often cause workers to experience lengthy delays in getting back to work to earn wages and continue the standard of living they had before their accidents. The desire to get back to work and earn money is enough to make many people anxious and willing to return to work too soon. 

Injured workers must follow all medical orders to facilitate a good recovery and prevent issues with their benefit payments. Some people may feel well enough to return to work sooner than medically recommended. Workers’ compensation insurers keep track of all claims they pay out on. Claimants who return to work earlier than recommended risk complications with their workers’ compensation benefits claim and could see their benefit payments prematurely end.

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