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Whether you are a roustabout working to keep a rig running or a technician overseeing operations, you face serious risks when you take a job on an offshore platform. Your employer might pay you more for that work than another would for similar work on land, but that does not exclude your company from its responsibility to provide a safe working environment and compensate you adequately for your injuries. Unfortunately, we see many people come into Hale Injury Lawyers facing this very issue of uncooperative employers and insurance companies.

Similarly, the fact that your employers probably provide safety training programs does not lift the responsibility for worker injuries from their shoulders. In fact, many of these programs are required by law and the rest are part of good business planning — companies lose money when workers are injured out on a rig. In short, your employer is probably motivated by self-interest when educating you in safety protocols.

It is almost always because of this extreme expense surrounding accidents that unethical drilling companies dispute the claims of our offshore injury clients. What these companies fail to account for is our tenacity in defending our clients and our willingness to take on even the largest opponents, such as petroleum companies and insurance providers. Even if you were to find yourself in a situation where you did not believe you had a chance of winning, there might be more to your case than you see at first.

It is our experience that when large businesses are involved in disputes, there is a chance that cases never go to trial. However, this often means that we are able to obtain adequate compensation for our clients’ injuries by other means. For more information, or to learn more about another subject, please continue reading our main site’s content.

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