Safety around semitrucks is critical along Interstate 10

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Driving along the I-10 corridor is a daily event for many Lake Charles residents. While this is an effective way to get around, it puts them in close proximity to semitrucks and other commercial vehicles. This poses risks of accidents.

The size difference between semitrucks and passenger vehicles is one factor that makes these crashes so horrible. The average semitruck is around 40 tons, which is 20 times heavier than the average passenger vehicle that comes in at around 2 tons.

Maneuverability issues

Large vehicles are heavy and bulky so they are hard for truckers to control. Stopping them takes much longer than cars, so slamming on the brakes might lead to collisions with vehicles in front of them. They also need considerably more room to turn.

Maneuverability issues might not crop up on the interstate. They are more likely to become an issue if there is a traffic jam or when the trucker is on city streets. Truckers, as well as drivers, must pay close attention to what is going on in these situations.

Blind spots pose a problem

Semitrucks, buses and even some box trucks have large blind spots. The driver can’t see anyone who is in these spaces. One extends 20 feet in front of the vehicle and the blind spot in the back is 30-feet long. On the passenger’s side, it is two lanes over starting from the front of the truck well past the end of the trailer. On the driver’s side, it extends from the midpoint of the cab to halfway down the trailer for one lane.

As a general rule, if you can’t see the trucker’s face, they can’t see you. This is especially dangerous if you are on the side of the vehicle because the truck might switch lanes and sideswipe you or crush you between it and another vehicle.

When motorists are struck by semitrucks, serious injuries can occur. These are likely to require medical care. Unfortunately, victims might have to fight for the compensation they deserve in these tragic scenarios.

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