Careless motorists contribute to semitruck crashes

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A person who is involved in a semitruck crash can face serious injuries and considerable damage. Sometimes, they will opt to seek compensation for the damages. In order to do this, they must determine whom to hold liable for the incident.

While it is possible that only one person will be held accountable, there are times when more than one factor contributed to the crash. This could mean that multiple people can be named as defendants. Many people don’t realize it, but it is possible for drivers other than the trucker to contribute to these wrecks.

Shared responsibility

Truckers do have to ensure they are operating their vehicles in a safe manner, but they can only do what they are able to control. Other drivers have to take responsibility for what they can do. With everyone working together, the roads can stay safe.

Difficult maneuverability

It can be difficult to maneuver a semitruck. While truckers are trained to do so as safely as possible, they can’t control the actions of other drivers. One dangerous thing that some drivers do is cut in front of big rigs. If a driver does this and suddenly brakes, the trucker might not be able to brake fast enough to stop.

This puts the trucker in a bad spot because they will have to decide what to do. This could mean rear ending the vehicle that cut them off. They might try to find another option, but this might be difficult on a busy road like an interstate.

Blind spots

A trucker’s blind spots are very dangerous. These spots extend about 20 feet in front of the truck and around 30 feet behind the trailer. It also includes two lanes on the passenger side and one on the driver’s side of the vehicle. The trucker can’t see in these areas, so they might try to change lanes while a vehicle is there. This can contribute to a crash.

Once you determine the causes of the crash, you will know whom to name as defendants. Involved motorists, the trucker, the transportation company and other entities might be named. It is usually better to name anyone who may hold liability in these cases.

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