What happens to your body in a car crash?

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One of the scariest things you may go through is a car accident. While many accidents in Lousiana are very minor fender benders that do not result in serious injury or damage, there are those that are catastrophic. If you have a serious accident, you should understand what your body goes through during it.

According to Student Edge, the first thing to understand is how physics affects your body in a crash. Some basic scientific laws come into play about bodies in motion. You probably know the idea of a body in motion stays in motion until it is stopped by a fixed object. In an accident, the body in motion is your literal body. As you drive your body is moving along with the vehicle, when your vehicle comes to a sudden stop, your body keeps moving until something stops it. Ideally, your seatbelt and airbags will stop it. The energy alone is very damaging to your body.

When your body stops, your internal organs are still moving. They crash against your body and then come to a stop. For example, your heart bangs your ribs. This can cause serious internal injury.

Even if you do use all the safety devices in your vehicle, you are still at risk for a serious injury if you do not use them properly. Your seat belt could break your ribs, pelvis or collarbone. It could also cause internal damage depending on where it lies on your body. The airbag may lead to facial injuries or other broken bones, depending on where your hands and arms are and how far away from it you are when it deploys. In some crashes, your seatbelt and air bags may not be able to absorb the impact and your body takes a lot of it. This puts you at risk for head injuries and internal injuries.

Your body gets pretty banged up during a crash. Your best defense is using safety devices properly. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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