Why do never events happen?

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You put a lot of faith in medical providers in Louisiana to give you the best healthcare possible and to make you feel better. Sometimes, though, things do not turn out like you thought they would. In some cases, a never event occurs. This is something that should never happen and that often has serious consequences for you.

According to Orthoconnections, most never events happen because of human error. These events always involve a person making a mistake that they should not have made. Typically, it is due to oversight or not doing something correctly. This is why hospitals and other medical facilities stress rules and procedures so much. If followed, they prevent never events.

A never event may happen because someone uses a piece of equipment incorrectly or does not know how to properly use it. It may also happen due to medical professionals trying to do too much or working beyond their limits. The stress, high pressure and fast pace of the job can take a toll and lead to mistakes.

Communication issues are another major factor in never events. If a team is not communicating clearly, it is fertile ground for mistakes. This also may link to not following procedures, such as not doing the required checks before and after surgery to ensure all tools and supplies are accounted for. In some cases, communication problems stem from a bad team environment. If people do not work well together, it makes it easier for error to occur.

Never events should never happen. That is the bottom line. Medical professionals have to take responsibility to make sure they do not occur. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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