What are different types of brain injuries?

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The roads in Louisiana can be a dangerous place, especially with the mix of small and large cars, different drivers, and more. In some cases, harm can be disproportionate in a crash because of these factors, impacting you more than another driver of a bigger vehicle. This can lead to severe damage such as brain injury.

FindLaw lists out a number of different types of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) that a person can suffer from. Some of them are more common for car crashes than others. An example is blunt trauma, which may occur if you hit your head against a dashboard or window. Blunt trauma injuries usually result in either concussions or contusions. With these, your brain will swell and bleed at the point of contact where it smacks into the skull. In some cases – particularly in contusions – clots may form.

Puncture injuries may also occur, though they are less common. In these cases, something penetrates through the skull and into the brain, causing tissue to be cut and damaged. An example is if metal is broken off of the car and pierces you, or if your car rolls over onto something sharp outside.

Anoxic and hypoxic brain injuries can also occur. These happen if the brain isn’t getting enough oxygen. Oxygen might not get to the brain if you are unconscious and not breathing, if the lung has been punctured or damaged, if the chest has been compressed, or even if you have inhaled certain fumes. Cell death may follow.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident resulting in brain injury, consider speaking to an attorney. They can help you deal with the aftermath of a traumatic, painful crash.

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