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How can I prevent struck by accidents in the workplace?

There are many dangers on a construction site and your employer in Louisiana works very hard to ensure you are as safe as possible. However, your employer can only do so much. You also need to do your part to keep yourself, your co-workers and anyone else on the site safe. OSHA has identified the four main accidents that cause the majority of fatalities on construction sites. The second most deadly type of accident is a struck by accident.

According to Construct Connect, struck by accidents happen when you are hit by an object that is flying, falling, rolling or swinging. Typically, objects are put into motion because safety precautions were not in place, such as barriers. Machinery and tools are also often involved in these accidents. For example, an accidental discharge of a nail gun, a saw blade improperly installed or not enough clearance around a forklift are all situations where you could have a struck by accident.

You also are at greater risk if you do not wear proper safety gear. You should always wear any gear provided by your employer. Make sure you also properly care for your tools and materials. If you are working on an elevated surface, always keep your tools and materials organized and secured. You should never walk under work areas. Plus, you need to always allow proper clearance when items are being lifted or lowered.

Struck by accidents do not have to happen. Stay aware and you can stay safe. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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