How many people are hurt and killed in drowsy driving crashes?

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Drowsy driving is a serious problem, and drivers may become drowsy for a number of reasons. Some people may be tired because they are trying to adjust to a new work schedule, while others may struggle with fatigue because of an unusually long day at work. Certain medications can make drivers drowsy, and there are other reasons why drowsy driving occurs. Unfortunately, this behavior can result in a fatal crash, and many people have been hurt in drowsy driving wrecks as well. It is imperative to understand just how many lives have been lost due to drowsy driving.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it is estimated that almost 800 lives were lost due to drowsy driving during 2017, and that crashes caused by drowsy drivers resulted in around 50,000 people becoming hurt. Moreover, NHTSA estimates suggest that 91,000 of these crashes were reported to authorities during 2017. The NHTSA also states that drowsy driving can be difficult for crash detectors to identify following a crash. Therefore, the actual number of deaths and injuries due to drowsy driving may be even higher.

Every day, many people take to the road while they are drowsy, whether they have to get to or from work or take care of other responsibilities that drain their energy. Unfortunately, they are placing lives in danger, and they should be held accountable for causing a crash. Drowsy driving accidents can be particularly difficult because driver fatigue is so hard to detect, but the victims of these collisions deserve justice.

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