Third-parties may be liable for fires, other workplace accidents

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Even if Louisiana residents do not have dangerous jobs, they still face the chance of being hurt while attending to their work-related duties. Workplace accidents can happen in any number of ways, and the workers themselves may not have had any control over it. For example, if a fire breaks out in an office building or another workplace, it could be the fault of someone else.

Various fire hazards can exist in offices, labs, construction sites and other occupational sites. For example, it is common to have a lot of equipment that needs to be plugged into power sources, and if an outlet is overloaded, a fire could result from overheating. Even using power strips that have multiple sockets does not always prevent overloading a circuit.

Combustible materials are also a major fire hazard. If papers, cardboard boxes or other flammable materials are left to collect or are stored in a single room, it can add significant fuel to a fire that starts. As a result, the fire could spread quickly, and workers could have less time to get to safety.

Of course, numerous other hazards can contribute to fires starting and making them worse. Louisiana workplaces should have fire escape plans, smoke alarms and clear escape routes in the event of such workplace accidents. If individuals suffer injuries due to a fire that begins at work, they may want to go over the details of how the fire started and whether any oversights on the part of the building owner or other parties could have led to the fire, such as a lack of safety equipment or other forms of negligence that may have contributed to injuries.

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