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Explosions and fires at sea are often preventable

There are many things that can go wrong on a ship. Knowing these can help you to develop a plan to stay safe while you're on the water. All of these components should be part of your employer's safety plan. If they aren't, you should still think about them because there is nothing as important as safety when you're at sea.

One safety issue that must be addressed each time you set sail is avoiding explosions on the vessel. They can claim lives, so avoiding them must be priorities.

Know your vessel

Understanding the different areas of your vessel can increase your safety. Know where the vents are so that you can ensure fumes are being aired out from spaces. This is especially important in the engine compartment since it needs to be cleared before the engine is started. If you go into the engine compartment and smell anything amiss it is best to allow it to vent for a bit before you try to start it or do anything that causes sparks.

Fuel line inspections

Each vessel should have inspections on the fuel lines. An easy way to do this is to run a dry cloth along the fuel lines to see if there is any moisture on the exterior. Pay close attention to joints since these are prone to leaks that can cause problems on the boat. Any issues with these lines must be addressed immediately because this is a huge hazard on a seafaring vessel.

Proper gear for explosions

Fires and explosions are serious business when you're at sea. You can't just call the fire department to come put out the blaze, and there aren't paramedics with ambulances ready to whisk you away to the nearest hospital. Most large ships have fixed fire suppression systems, and all seafaring vessels should have marine fire extinguishers. Knowing how to use these can help you to put out fires when possible.

Any seaman who is injured while working on a vessel may have a claim under the Jones Act. Understanding when and how this applies is beneficial because these claims are often complex. Partnering with someone familiar with seafaring worker matters might help you to get the compensation you deserve.

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