Head-on car accidents common when drivers cross center line

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It may seem odd to think about the fact that, often, the only thing dividing lanes of travel on a roadway is painted lines. Though most drivers trust others to stay on the correct side, that is not always what happens. In fact, head-on car accidents commonly take place after a driver fails to remain in the correct lane.

It was recently reported that a head-on collision took place in Louisiana. Apparently, an SUV was heading north when, for unknown reasons, the vehicle crossed over the center dividing line and crashed into a pickup truck that was traveling south. After the initial collision, another vehicle hit the SUV after it became disabled. There were at least eight people involved in the crash.

The drivers of the SUV and the pickup truck both suffered fatal injuries as a result of the collision. Their ages were given as 50 years old and 71 years old. It was unclear which person was driving which vehicle. The individuals in the third vehicle all received medical attention for minor injuries. At the time of the report, it was unclear whether impairment may have contributed to the incident.

Losing loved ones in car accidents is never easy. The family of the pickup truck driver killed in this crash may wonder how they will endure such a loss. On top of their emotional turmoil, they may also face financial setbacks, and though the driver of the SUV also died in his Louisiana crash, it may still be possible to seek compensation for damages from that driver’s estate. Looking into wrongful death claims may be worthwhile for the victim’s family.

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