Product liability claims could stem from work-related accidents

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Families never want to receive the devastating news that their loved one has died. Of course, accidents happen every day, and in some cases, those injured in such events do not survive. Work-related accidents can easily have fatal outcomes, and it may be worthwhile for affected families to consider their legal options.

Louisiana readers may be interested in a work-related incident that claimed the life of one worker. According to reports, the 26-year-old man worked for a paving company and was working on a piece of equipment when the accident occurred. Details on exactly what took place were not provided, but the report stated that it was possible that the jacks holding the equipment failed.

The worker reportedly suffered severe injuries, which ultimately proved fatal. Authorities were still attempting to determine whether the cause of death was blunt force trauma, crushing injuries or suffocation as the autopsy had not yet been performed. It was not mentioned whether the man was declared dead at the accident site or if he was transported to an area hospital before succumbing to his injuries.

When a product does not work as it should, serious injuries or fatalities could result, as this case shows. The jacks the man was using in the course of his work duties may have had a defect or other issue that caused them to fail. When products contribute to the injuries or deaths of users, it may be possible for product liability claims to be filed. Such claims could allow Louisiana families who lost loved ones in work-related accidents to pursue compensation for resulting damages.

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