Semitruck crashes can stem from more than trucker error

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The injuries that victims can suffer in a semitruck crash can dramatically alter lives. Not only do these individuals have to deal with the healing process, they also have to think about the property damage, financial devastation and emotional toll that the crash takes.

While seeking compensation isn’t going to negate all these damages, it can alleviate some of the financial impact and help the victims to be able to better afford the medical care they need to address the injuries. It can also assist with the loss of income that might occur while the injured individual recovers. Recovery could become a life-long journey. Determining the cause of the crash so you can hold the liable parties accountable is one important step in this process.

Unsafe operation

Truckers who don’t drive safely can cause crashes. The root cause of the unsafe operation might be fatigue or distraction, but other factors like driving on unfamiliar roads or speeding can also lead to wrecks. Many people think of the speed limit as the minimum speed they should drive, but this is actually the fastest you should drive in ideal conditions. Rain, fog and similar conditions would require you to drive slower.

Lax preparations

Lax preparations for the haul include things like not doing the proper maintenance on the rig and failing to secure the load properly. These can have serious impacts on safety even though they don’t have anything to do with the manner of operation. For example, a brake system that isn’t functioning properly can make it impossible for the trucker to stop. A shifting load can come loose and become an uncontrolled projectile or it can cause the trucker to lose control.

Improper policies

The trucking company policies can sometimes be an issue in semitruck crashes. The competition between carriers might cause the delivery times to be almost unrealistic. They might not leave adequate time for sleep, and the trucker may feel as though they have to continue driving despite fatigue.

Other drivers

Other drivers might cause semitruck crashes if they cut the trucker off or drive unsafely around the truck. This isn’t the trucker’s fault in many cases because they may have done what they could to avoid being involved in a crash. Passenger vehicles are responsible for around 81% of semitruck verses car wrecks.

Injured individuals only have a limited time after an accident to take legal action to recover the damages they’re facing. Getting the process started as soon as possible after the wreck occurs can help you to avoid missing that deadline.

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