Head-on collision in Bossier Parrish kills two, injures others

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Every time someone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle in Louisiana (or agrees to travel as a passenger in another’s car), they run the risk of experiencing a car accident. Most accept this risk, however, due to the assumption that the others that share the road with them work just as hard to avoid accidents. 

This assumption may prove to be true a majority of the time, yet the possibility of encountering those few drivers who do not place as a high a priority on responsible driving is ever-present. Sadly, when such encounters do occur, the results are often catastrophic. 

Two killed in head-on collision on Sligo Road

This fact once again proved to be true when two vehicles recently collided on Sligo Road in Bossier Parrish. According to the local ABC News affiliate, authorities say that the driver of a pickup truck suddenly lost control of his vehicle and crossed over into oncoming traffic, where he collided head-on with another truck. Officials are still attempting to determine what may have caused the collision. The drivers of both the trucks involved in the collision died from the injuries they sustained, while two passengers traveling in the truck that lost control in the accident suffered moderate injuries. 

Seeking compensation for accident injuries

Even moderate injuries, however, can result in extensive expenses. Oftentimes those expenses are more than what an insurance provider covers. In such a case, an accident victim may have little choice but to seek compensation through legal action. Such action offers no guarantee of success, however, and one’s chances at actually securing it depends largely on their knowledge of the laws considered in their case. An experienced personal injury attorney may be just the one to provide that perspective. 

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