What complications can brain injuries cause?

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While minor brain injuries are associated with mild effects that usually resolve on their own, severe brain injuries can have a lasting impact on your life. Some people require ongoing treatment and rehabilitation to recover. And even with therapy, it may not be possible to restore your health to its former state after a devastating injury occurs.

According to Brainline, there are a wide range of complications associated with serious injuries to the brain and head. Because some of these complications are life-threatening, immediate medical attention is recommended for all brain injury victims.


If you sustain a penetrating head injury, meaning the skull is actually pierced by an object, your risk of experiencing seizures is 50%. Depending on what part of your brain was damaged, seizures can affect different areas of the body. In addition to causing abnormal movement, they can also affect cognition and sensation.

Heterotopic Ossification

While there is no definable cause for heterotopic ossification after a brain injury, it remains a troubling complication. Up to 20% of brain injury victims experience abnormal bone growth after their injuries, often in the hips or shoulders. In serious cases, surgery is required to remove the extra bone tissue.


Spasticity causes muscles to become extremely rigid. In severe cases, extremities may be bent into certain formations, which usually cannot be moved. In addition to causing discomfort, spasticity can also make dressing and grooming very difficult.


There are hollow portions of the brain called ventricles. When these areas fill up with fluid, hydrocephalus occurs. As pressure increases on the brain, other symptoms may present. This includes lethargy and a delayed recovery process.


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