Who is liable for a commercial vehicle accident?

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After an accident caused by someone driving a commercial vehicle such as an 18-wheeler, it’s important to recognize that there may be more than one person at fault. You may have a valid legal claim against multiple parties.

You should also bear in mind that making a claim against one party does not necessarily prevent you from pursuing others. Here are some of the people and business entities who may be at fault for accidents involving commercial vehicles.

A negligent driver

Driving negligently or recklessly and disobeying traffic laws will make an individual liable for causing an accident. Certain conduct on the road such as drunk driving may also create criminal liability.

An employer

The company that employs a person who caused an accident may incur liability. In these instances, the accident must have taken place while the driver was on the road as a part of his or her job duties. Accidents that occur when someone is driving to or from the place where they work every day generally do not impart fault to an employer.

A driver’s business

If people driving a commercial vehicle do not work for a company and instead work for themselves, they may operate as a business entity. In this event, a business such as a partnership or LLC may be financially responsible.

When planning on taking legal action after an accident, you may need to evaluate which party has the resources to compensate you. A business entity may have more comprehensive insurance coverage or more assets to cover all of your damages.

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