How common are drunk driving accidents in Louisiana?

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In Louisiana, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or greater. However, drunk driving still commonly occurs and claims many lives per year.

Here are some statistics about the dangers of drunk driving in Louisiana.

Drunk driving’s deadly effects

According to The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, more than 30% of Louisiana’s car accident deaths in 2019 resulted from drunk driving. Of those alcohol-related fatalities, 66.3% involved a driver whose BAC was .15% or higher, and many were repeat offenders. Despite Louisiana’s zero-tolerance rule for underage drinking, 15 of the 220 alcohol-related deaths occurred with an underaged drinker behind the wheel.

Life-changing impacts of drunk driving

Not all drunk driving crashes result in death. However, many inflict life-changing injuries on victims. Those involved may experience long recovery periods or irreversible damage from broken bones, bruising and lacerations, spinal cord or nerve damage, traumatic brain injuries or even paralysis. Not only do these injuries impact the quality of life for victims and their families, but they can also lead to overwhelming medical bills. Victims may consider filing a personal injury claim against the responsible driver to help cover these high costs.

As one of the leading causes of car accident deaths in Louisiana, drunk driving remains a prevalent problem. While seeking and receiving financial compensation does not restore what a drunk driving accident takes from its victims, it may help those involved and their families cover the sizable bills resulting from a car accident.

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