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Boat accident claims life, severely injures passenger

Accidents can happen anywhere. Most people who operate boats for a living or recreationally know that a serious accident could take place on the water at any time. Unfortunately, a boat accident can lead to serious or fatal injuries for those involved, and compensation for damages may be needed.

Maritime accidents can have harrowing outcomes

Though most people have jobs that keep their feet firmly on land, numerous individuals have jobs that take place on the water. Crew boats can serve various purposes, and some Louisiana residents may spend much of their time on the water carrying out work-related duties. Unfortunately, maritime accidents can happen that leave individuals with injuries or have other devastating outcomes.

What are the most common cruise ship mishaps?

Most people who go on vacation look forward to a relaxing and fun time and do not expect to be injured or get seriously ill. Unfortunately for some residents of Louisiana and elsewhere, nobody is immune to experiencing mishaps on vacation. This is also true if you are going on a cruise.

Seaman's rights to maintenance, cure and unearned wages

According to the Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute, maintenance and cure, in brief terms, refers to a seaman's rights to compensation after he sustains injuries on the job. refers to benefits for day-to-day living expenses while refers to medical benefits. Louisiana law requires employers to pay maintenance and cure until the seaman is either to go back to work or has reached a point at which medical treatment can no longer benefit him. FindLaw explains maintenance and cure more in depth, as well as address the topic of unearned wages. 

What is the difference between a tugboat and a towboat?

Out on the water in Louisiana, you may see smaller boats assisting the larger boats. Some of these boats are tugboats while others are towboats. Each of these boats plays an important role is helping out larger boats and ships as they navigate on the waterways. However, do you know the difference between these two boats? You might be surprised to learn that the differences are rather obvious once you know the job of each boat.

How do I handle my boat in cold weather?

The onset of cold weather presents additional challenges for Louisiana boaters. While many boat owners operate on the water without a problem in falling temperatures, it is important to take winter precautions in case the frigid weather impairs the operation of your boat, or worse, endangers the life of you or your passengers.

What you should know about sicknesses on cruises

Relaxing on the deck of a cruise ship in Louisiana waters is many people‚Äôs idea of a good time. Vomiting inside a guest cabin, on the other hand, is not. While cruises can be fun, they also confine a lot of people within a small area. Consequently, according to Marketwatch, it is easy for illnesses to spread. While cruises try to handle germ transmission through offering hand sanitizers and providing sinks to wash hands, people can still get sick on a cruise.

Things to look out for in a Jones Act case

Louisiana has more opportunities for maritime work than almost anywhere else in the country. When considering the miles of coastline, the Mississippi River delta, the position on the gulf and the fact that the state boasts one of the highest quantities of inland waterways in the USA, it makes sense that there are often plenty of jobs available for seamen. 

What should I know about boating safety?

If you own a boat in Louisiana, you likely know that safety is crucial. Not only can taking the proper precautions safeguard you and your passengers, but it can also prevent the need for costly repairs or legal recrimination. DiscoverBoating.com offers the following tips to help you be a safety-minded boater.

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