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What you should know about sicknesses on cruises

Relaxing on the deck of a cruise ship in Louisiana waters is many people’s idea of a good time. Vomiting inside a guest cabin, on the other hand, is not. While cruises can be fun, they also confine a lot of people within a small area. Consequently, according to Marketwatch, it is easy for illnesses to spread. While cruises try to handle germ transmission through offering hand sanitizers and providing sinks to wash hands, people can still get sick on a cruise.

Things to look out for in a Jones Act case

Louisiana has more opportunities for maritime work than almost anywhere else in the country. When considering the miles of coastline, the Mississippi River delta, the position on the gulf and the fact that the state boasts one of the highest quantities of inland waterways in the USA, it makes sense that there are often plenty of jobs available for seamen. 

What should I know about boating safety?

If you own a boat in Louisiana, you likely know that safety is crucial. Not only can taking the proper precautions safeguard you and your passengers, but it can also prevent the need for costly repairs or legal recrimination. DiscoverBoating.com offers the following tips to help you be a safety-minded boater.

How do hurricanes affect offshore drilling?

Offshore drilling on a good day can be challenging. However, when a hurricane is heading towards Louisiana and the rig located in the Gulf, it can increase the danger immensely. Drilling in the Gulf Coast area is common because the waters are nice. They do not suffer from icing issues because they are generally warm. The downside, though, is they are a target for hurricanes and other tropical storms.

How do I choose a life jacket?

One of the best ways to protect yourself and ensure your safety when on Louisiana waterways is to wear a life jacket. Any life jacket you wear should be U.S. Coast Guard approved. The Coast Guard also explains that while there is no single best life jacket, the best one for you is the one you will wear, so it is essential to choose one carefully.

Can insurance cover a boat?

Louisiana motorists carry automobile insurance to compensate for injuries and property damage sustained in an auto accident. The same logic applies to boat insurance. Just as you would not want to go out onto the road without insurance, you should also carry insurance as you take your boat out into the Gulf of Mexico for sailing, shrimping or whatever maritime activity you wish.

Getting employers to take responsibility

Whether you are a roustabout working to keep a rig running or a technician overseeing operations, you face serious risks when you take a job on an offshore platform. Your employer might pay you more for that work than another would for similar work on land, but that does not exclude your company from its responsibility to provide a safe working environment and compensate you adequately for your injuries. Unfortunately, we see many people come into Hale Law Firm facing this very issue of uncooperative employers and insurance companies.

Where does maritime law apply?

Maritime law is the law of the water and waterways. However, it can be confusing as to what waterways it actually applies to, especially in Lousiana, which has different types of waterways. According to the Offices of the United States Attorneys, the general maritime law states it has jurisdiction over the high seas. This is a confusing term for everyone and has caused many court cases to figure it out.

What are the most deadly risks on a boat?

Working on a boat or ship is a dangerous occupation, but if you are like many maritime workers, you probably could not imagine working anywhere else. The reality is that for many workers on Louisiana boats, accidents and dangerous situations can be avoided by following proper safety protocols and planning carefully for the unpredictability of the waterways. A good start to preparing properly is understanding what the greatest risks are when you work on a boat.

Helpful prevention techniques to protect you on a fishing vessel

If you are a fisherman in Louisiana, you may be well aware that your safety at work each day is heavily reliant on your vigilance in following protocols designed to keep you safe. Every time you embark on a fishing expedition, you are subject to the many risks of working on a vessel in the middle of the ocean. At Hale Law Firm, we understand the unique circumstances of the industry and have the tools to help those who may have been involved in a maritime accident.

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