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Bus accident raises new questions about safety

Many people in Louisiana and around the country often ride a bus as their means of getting to and from school or work. In some cases, these buses are driven by entities managed by cities or municipal agencies. Other buses are owned and operated by independent companies. School districts also have their own network of buses and bus drivers. All people who hold licenses to operate these vehicles should be aware of how they can keep their passengers safe.

Multi-vehicle truck crash in LA kills one and injures others

Accidents involving large trucks can often be unpredictable. Sometimes, the occupants of smaller vehicles are lucky in a collision with a big rig and escape with minor injuries. In many other cases, however, those who are involved in truck crashes in Louisiana and elsewhere are seriously injured or killed. Numerous factors come into play, particularly the size, speed and difficulty in maneuverability of 18-wheelers.

Truck driver shortage may lead to accidents

Many people drive alongside tractor trailers on a daily basis. People rely on these massive vehicles, as they are a vital part of the American economy. Tractor trailers transport products throughout Louisiana and across the nation. Qualified truck drivers are needed to operate these large vehicles and ensure loads arrive at their destination safely and on time. The problem lies in the fact that a shortage of qualified truck drivers has not only led to a disruption of distribution schedules but an increase in commercial truck accidents as well. 

Facing big trucking companies

If you find yourself the victim of an injury due to a crash with a commercial vehicle, you would probably feel powerless. At Hale Law firm, we understand that the huge forces involved with these crashes can leave psychological and physical scars that may take a lifetime to recover from. We know that the last thing our clients need is to feel powerless again when they make their injury claims in Louisiana courts.

Does blind spot detection always work?

Thanks to advances in detection technology, an increasing number of large commercial vehicles are equipped with driver assistance devices like blind spot monitoring (BSM) systems. BSM sensors can alert a Lake Charles commercial truck driver that there is a vehicle in the truck’s blind spot so that the driver does not turn and collide with the vehicle. But BSMs, as helpful as they are, are not always effective.

How to safely share the road with large trucks in Louisiana

Collisions involving large commercial vehicles and smaller passenger automobiles occur all too often in Louisiana, and they frequently result in serious injuries or death for the drivers and passengers of the lighter vehicles. According to the Louisiana Department of Public Safety, the occupants of these smaller vehicles suffer 78 percent of the traffic-related deaths due to such accidents. Therefore, when sharing the road with large trucks, it is important for drivers to follow certain safety practices to help avoid potentially serious, or deadly, trucking crashes.

Crashes involving delivery trucks

Driving any type of motor vehicle can be dangerous, but some people behind the wheel are especially likely to find themselves in a collision at some point. Obviously, those who are under the influence of alcohol or using their phone while driving are especially likely to crash, but there are other situations in which drivers may have a higher chance of becoming involved in a motor vehicle collision. For example, delivery truck drivers face a number of risks and in this post, we will take a closer look at some of the reasons why these vehicles are involved in wrecks.

Do hands-free devices make things safer?

Cell phones have long been seen as a danger when used behind the wheel. Laws popped up to prevent drivers from using their cell phones while driving. To allow people to still make use of calling features, there was the invention of hands-free technology. Most laws allow for hands free use of cell phones. If you are regularly using a hands-free device as you drive on Louisiana roadways, then it is time to learn just how dangerous that may be.

Can a fleet safety program benefit your company?

If your company in Louisiana requires you to hire drivers to run organizational operations, it is critical that you find individuals who have demonstrated responsibility and have a clean driving record. Your vigilance in implementing strategies designed to protect your drivers, as well as encourage them to be attentive and respectful to other motorists is critical to protecting the well-being and reputation of your company as well. 

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