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Hotel collapse, like other workplace accidents, proves fatal

When a serious accident occurs, many people can be left stunned, and they can also suffer serious repercussions from the incident. Unfortunately, some workplace accidents can have this type of outcome, especially for the workers involved and their families. Injuries and fatalities are, unfortunately, not uncommon in the construction industry.

Personal Protective Equipment for construction sites

Employers and workers may greatly reduce the chance of injuries on a Louisiana construction site by following safety protocols and using proper equipment. Adequate Personal Protective Equipment is essential for every person who works on a construction site. There are several types of PPE designed to protect an individual from injuries. Some kinds of PPE provide general protection in a construction environment while other types help maintain safety in specific situations.

How safe are Louisiana workplaces?

Workplace accidents can and do happen all over the country, and Louisiana is no exception. However, citing evidence from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Louisiana Workforce Commission, New Orleans CityBusiness reports that the rate of workplace injuries in Louisiana is among the lowest in the country. 

How can I prevent struck by accidents in the workplace?

There are many dangers on a construction site and your employer in Louisiana works very hard to ensure you are as safe as possible. However, your employer can only do so much. You also need to do your part to keep yourself, your co-workers and anyone else on the site safe. OSHA has identified the four main accidents that cause the majority of fatalities on construction sites. The second most deadly type of accident is a struck by accident.

What is the most common office place accident?

Of all the workplaces in Louisiana that you would expect to be dangerous, an office would probably not be one of your first responses. However, serious injuries can take place in any workplace, including office buildings. In fact, according to Albert Einstein College of Medicine, offices lead the pack in the number of injuries from falls. Plus, falls are the cause of the most serious office injuries. Overlooking this and thinking an office is a low-risk work place could put you at higher risk of becoming a victim of a fall when at work.

Paying for work-related car accidents

Like most in Saint Charles, you likely make assumptions about certain situations in life. One of those may be that if you are in a car accident, your auto insurance will help pay for your accident expenses. Another may be that workers' compensation will cover the cost of any injuries that you suffer while at work. Yet many come to us here at the Hale Law Firm asking who pays if they are involved in a car accident while on the job? 

Preventing falls in a mine

If you are someone who works in the Louisiana mining industry or if you know a person who does, it is in your best interest to know how a miner can take a nasty stumble in a mine and the best precautions to take. Mines are dangerous places to work, and some of these hazardous conditions can cause miners to fall down if they are not careful.

What is asbestosis?

At this point, you are probably aware that asbestos is a dangerous substance. Since the 1970s, the government has been aware of the danger and made sure your exposure is limited. However, this does not mean asbestos is not still in your environment in Louisiana. It does not mean that you will never come in contact with it. If you do have exposure or you know someone who has had exposure to asbestos in the past, there could be a risk for the development of a condition called asbestosis.

Recorded workplace accidents down notably in the last 15 years

When people agree to a particular job in Louisiana, they are acknowledging that their job may expose them to the risks that are a given part of the industry they operate in. Depending on their occupation, the risks and hazards they face each day will vary significantly. Employers should provide adequate training and education to allow their workers to learn about how to do certain jobs without compromising quality, and more importantly safety. 

What kind of burns can people suffer on the job?

Louisiana industrial, oil and construction workers understand that their jobs can be dangerous. One jobsite risk involves skin burns. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), over 40,000 people go to the hospital each year for burns. To avoid injury and possible death, Louisiana workers should be aware of the different ways a person can suffer workplace burns.

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