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What is the right way to walk on a slippery surface?

One of the top workplace accidents in Louisiana is falls. Falls can occur due to many things, but slippery surfaces are a common culprit. If you work in a situation where you must be on a slippery surface often, then learning techniques and tips to help you walk on such surfaces can be quite helpful. Carnegie Mellon University offers some solid advice to help you get better footing on slippery surfaces and avoid falls.

You should always use common sense when it comes to slippery surfaces. Obviously, if you can avoid a wet, icy or oily floor, then do that instead of walking on it. However, if you cannot avoid the surface, then at least be smart about walking on it. You should not carry anything that obstructs your view or puts you off balance when walking on the surface. In addition, you should wear footwear designed with a non-slip sole. There are many different options, for example, for those working in the food industry who often walk on oily floors.

Admiralty and maritime law defined

Those working in the shipping or boating industries in Louisiana are bound by admiralty and maritime law. According to Cornell Law School, admiralty laws are a separate area of law from common laws that rule on land. These laws only cover navigable waters and related areas, such as docks.

American admiralty laws apply only to vessels that fly the American flag regardless of what waterway the vessel is in. The flag must be flown legally, though, with a firm connection between the vessel and the country of the flag being flown. Typically, though, admiralty laws internationally are kept fairly uniform to prevent any issues.

Can you help a loved one cope with a traumatic brain injury?

If you have a loved one who has recently been the victim of a traumatic brain injury in Louisiana, you may be wondering how you can help them. Fortunately, your concern, sensitivity and attentiveness can allow you to provide relief in many forms as you help to expedite their healing process.

According to the Huffington Post, there are many ways that you can offer your support and encouragement to a loved one who is suffering from a TBI. These include the following:

  • Offer a ride: You may consider offering to drive your loved one to his or her doctor or therapy appointments. You never know how this type of support can provide comfort, especially if your loved one is new to treatment and is experiencing some anxiety about visiting the doctor.
  • Provide an outlet: Come up with a list of ideas of fun things to do that will help get your loved one out of the house. Some suggestions include a walk in the park, going to see a movie, visiting a local museum or even some window shopping. By providing an activity for your loved one to look forward to, you can help him or her to remain focused on the positive and optimistic about the future.
  • Help with everyday needs: Often, for traumatic brain injury patients, some of the hardest tasks to complete are the everyday ones. You can offer to help your loved one with grocery shopping, organizing financials, caring for children or even cleaning his or her house to provide relief from unnecessary stress.

Living with the changes a traumatic brain injury brings

You were in a terrible motor vehicle accident, and you woke up days later with a still-throbbing headache. It turns out that you suffered a significant head injury, and you were placed in a coma to help preserve your brain function.

Today, you're feeling better, but you still have significant changes to adjust to. You have symptoms of a brain injury, and you'll require months to years of recovery. You weren't at fault for the accident, so that means that the driver who was should be responsible for any and all care you require to recover.

How does speeding affect accidents?

If you are like most drivers, you have probably exceeded the posted speed limit at some point when driving in Louisiana. It can happen easily, but when you are intentionally speeding, it creates dangerous conditions. Speeding leads to many accidents, which are typically more severe than accidents that do not involve speeding.

According to Automotive Fleet, going over the speed limit can increase your chances of getting into an accident and suffering a serious injury by a great percentage. Just going one percent faster can increase the possibility of you getting into a crash by two percent. Your chance of dying increases by four percent and injury risks increase by three percent. To give you an idea of how this would play out, if you were to go 80 miles per hour when traffic is going 70, you would be 71 percent more likely to die. You would be 49 percent more likely to be injured, and your chances of getting into an accident would be increased by 31 percent.

What is whistleblower protection?

If your Louisiana employer is creating a dangerous work environment or not following safety regulations, you have the right to report them. However, in the past, employees were afraid of doing so because employers would often punish them for doing it. Thanks to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s whistleblower protection, you no longer have to worry about kickback from your employer.

You are protected against being fired, having your hours or wages reduced and a host of other tactics employers may use to punish you or treat you badly because you reported them. If your employer does do something negative to you as a result of your actions, then you can report it to OSHA. There is a time limit for reporting retaliation depending on your industry. These limits range from 30-180 days.

Is offshore drilling safe for oil rig workers?

Many jobs in Louisiana are risky or dangerous in some way. For certain professions, such as offshore drilling, danger is just part of the job. According to Time, part of what makes an oil rig career so risky is that job sites are located hundreds of miles offshore, away from everyone and everything. If something happens, the Coast Guard, the authority in charge, can take a long time to get on the scene. In the meantime, it is up to the crew to get out safely and attend to the injured.

The fact is that this is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. When a major incident occurs, it can be catastrophic, costing millions of dollars and producing serious and fatal injuries. Fortunately, big accidents do not happen very often. Still, smaller accidents do happen on a regular basis. While they may not kill as many workers, they can still be frightening and grim.

Common accident-related neck and back injuries

Residents of Louisiana who have been involved in car accident may find themselves facing back pain, injury, or trauma. Unfortunately, the neck and back are two areas that often suffer the most damage during a crash, and the damage that's done can cause long-lasting pain and even disability for long periods of the sufferer's life.

MedlinePlus states that there are many different areas of the back that can be injured, each leading to different problems. For example, torn tissue like ligaments and muscle may lead to difficulties moving. Fractured vertebrae can cause issues with movement and may also cause the sufferer excruciating amounts of pain, particularly if the damaged bone is touching any nerves in the area. Not treating these injuries in time may cause permanent loss of movement or long-term pain and suffering.

What is a Mansfield bar?

Large vehicles on Louisiana roadways pose a huge threat to passenger vehicles in the event of a crash. You have likely heard about such accidents. The government sets rules and regulations to try to make large trucks safer. Some regulations have been the result of what was learned in an accident. This is true for the Mansfield bar.

Jayne Mansfield, mother of actress Mariska Hargitay, was a Hollywood star in the 1950s and 1960s, according to Mental Floss. This was around the same time as Marilyn Monroe to whom she was often compared due to similar physical apperances. Unfortunately, at the young age of 34, Mansfield was killed in a rear-end collision with a semi-truck. The car she was riding in slid underneath the back end of the truck, instantly killing her and two other adults in the vehicle.

Third-party liability and your right to compensation

You were at work when it happened. A third-party contractor came to the construction site and started using equipment he wasn't familiar with. He assured everyone that he was well-education on the machinery, but soon you realized that was not the case.

Sadly, because of his negligence, you and several of your coworkers were seriously injured. You had to go through surgery and now have thousands of dollars in medical bills. While your workplace does provide workers' compensation, the insurer has been talking to your employer about subrogation.

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