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Louisiana could see changes to lawsuits for car accidents

No one wants his or her day to take a turn for the worse. Unfortunately, anyone traveling the roads is at risk of being involved in car accidents, and those incidents could easily have devastating and even life-changing outcomes. While many people choose to pursue personal injury claims after such an event, state law may be changing regarding that option.

It was recently reported that the Louisiana Senate intends to change the rules regarding car accident-related personal injury lawsuits. The vote result was 29-8 in favor of the change as the state hopes to limit damage claims that insurance companies and other businesses face. The desired outcome is that insurance rates in the state, which are among the highest in the country, will come down.

Product liability claims could stem from work-related accidents

Families never want to receive the devastating news that their loved one has died. Of course, accidents happen every day, and in some cases, those injured in such events do not survive. Work-related accidents can easily have fatal outcomes, and it may be worthwhile for affected families to consider their legal options.

Louisiana readers may be interested in a work-related incident that claimed the life of one worker. According to reports, the 26-year-old man worked for a paving company and was working on a piece of equipment when the accident occurred. Details on exactly what took place were not provided, but the report stated that it was possible that the jacks holding the equipment failed.

Fatal car accidents highlight the fragility of life

Life is immensely fragile. Many people do not care to think about their possible demise and with good reason. It can be depressing to think about the possibility of death often, but even though many individuals prefer to keep it out of their minds, it is impossible to do so sometimes. For example, when car accidents claim the lives of loved ones, there is no escaping this harrowing reality.

Multiple families in Louisiana may be struggling with this after a recent fatal car crash. According to reports, a vehicle traveling south failed to remain in the correct lane and crossed into northbound traffic. After crossing the center lane, the car crashed into another vehicle, which was being driven by a 48-year-old woman.

Semitruck crashes can stem from more than trucker error

The injuries that victims can suffer in a semitruck crash can dramatically alter lives. Not only do these individuals have to deal with the healing process, they also have to think about the property damage, financial devastation and emotional toll that the crash takes.

While seeking compensation isn't going to negate all these damages, it can alleviate some of the financial impact and help the victims to be able to better afford the medical care they need to address the injuries. It can also assist with the loss of income that might occur while the injured individual recovers. Recovery could become a life-long journey. Determining the cause of the crash so you can hold the liable parties accountable is one important step in this process.

Man succumbed to catastrophic injuries after attack, 2 charged

Attacking an unsuspecting person is a heinous crime. Unfortunately, some individuals carry out such acts in efforts to rob others or simply to hurt them. While the victims are sometimes able to get away unscathed, others could suffer catastrophic injuries due to the actions of another person or people.

It was recently reported that a fatal assault in Louisiana that took place on New Year's Eve has led to charges for the attackers. The incident occurred when an 82-year-old bar employee was taking the trash outside behind the bar. A 40-year-old man and his 21-year-old son attacked the employee, stealing his phone and pushing the man to the ground. The worker hit his head, and he was unable to get up by himself.

Harm to the head can lead to catastrophic injuries

Hearing the word "catastrophic" certainly lets people know that something terrible has happened. When a person suffers catastrophic injuries, it can be assumed that the individual suffered injuries that could cause lasting, if not permanent, damage or even prove fatal. Unfortunately, head injuries often fall into this category and can stem from car accidents.

Louisiana residents who suffer injuries to their scalp, skull or brain have suffered a head injury. In some cases, the injury can be bruising or penetrating injuries to the brain, fractures to the skull, or bleeding on the brain. It is not unusual for bleeding on the brain, or a hematoma, to appear days or weeks after an accident. As a result, it is always important for individuals to monitor symptoms and possible signs of injury after an accident even if they do not immediately feel injured.

Wrongful death claims common after commercial vehicle accidents

Seeing tractor-trailers and other large trucks on the road is likely not an unusual occurrence for most drivers. They may do their best to stay out of truck drivers' blind spots and simply go on their way. Of course, many commercial vehicle accidents do happen, and the outcomes are often harrowing.

It was recently reported that an accident in Louisiana involving a tractor-trailer and a passenger vehicle proved fatal. Details regarding how the accident took place were few, but the report did state that the truck driver was attempting to make a right turn when a southbound vehicle collided with the side of the truck. The incident occurred around 7 a.m., and the two vehicles were the only ones involved.

Car accidents may take time to investigate

A crash can happen in the blink of an eye. Car accidents often occur with no warning. While a wreck itself may take mere seconds, it can take weeks or months for a victim to get answers about the penalties the driver responsible for a wreck may face. 

Recently, a Louisiana woman was killed when another driver crossed the centerline and struck her vehicle head-on. Though she was wearing a seat belt, she did not survive. At this time, police say the other driver was at fault, but have yet to determine what may have caused him to veer into oncoming traffic. Toxicology reports are pending. 

Construction site safety must be a priority for everyone

Construction sites are dangerous places for workers, not only because of the heavy equipment but also due to the number of workers that it takes to get the job done. Companies that oversee these projects must take appropriate steps to reduce the chance of a worker suffering an injury while they're on the job.

There are four specific types of incidents that lead to the majority of deaths, just over 58%, in this industry. By curtailing these four reasons, employers could prevent around 591 worker deaths and even more injuries each year. From the most serious to the least, there four include:

  • Falling: 33.5% of deaths
  • Being struck by an object: 11.1% of deaths
  • Being electrocuted: 8.5% of deaths
  • Being caught in or between objects: 5.5% of deaths

Car accidents can have lasting negative results

The repercussions of a motor vehicle accident can be far-reaching. No one wants to have his or her day ruined by a crash, but unfortunately, car accidents happen often and can ruin more than just a person's day. In fact, these accidents can sometimes cause lasting or permanent harm to those involved.

One of the biggest concerns travelers in Louisiana have regarding crashes revolves around injuries. This concern is understandable because serious and life-changing injuries can easily stem from car accidents. Catastrophic injuries like traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries could result that completely change a person's life. Even if injuries do not seem serious at first, delayed symptoms could appear later that point to serious health concerns. Of course, these crashes could also have fatal outcomes.

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