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Can a fleet safety program benefit your company?

If your company in Louisiana requires you to hire drivers to run organizational operations, it is critical that you find individuals who have demonstrated responsibility and have a clean driving record. Your vigilance in implementing strategies designed to protect your drivers, as well as encourage them to be attentive and respectful to other motorists is critical to protecting the well-being and reputation of your company as well. 

According to The Travelers Companies Inc., one important tactic that you could consider implementing is a fleet safety program that helps to regulate the process of finding, training and supporting members of your fleet. This decision could provide your company with outstanding benefits including the confidence that the drivers you have hired have the best interest of your company and its customers in mind. 

Recovering from catastrophic spine damage

Louisiana residents who have gotten into a severe car crash can face numerous long and short term injuries. One of the biggest possible risks of a serious crash is spinal cord damage. These types of injury can permanently change the way a person functions in their daily life.

FindLaw takes a look at some of the most common types of car crash injuries, which includes damage to both the back and head. Spinal damage in particular can cause huge issues, since the spinal cord is responsible for command of the nerves. Damage to the cord can cause a patient to suffer from a loss of sensation or difficulty controlling limbs or other parts of the body. In some cases, complete paralysis may happen.

Effects of shift work in the oil industry

The oil industry is one of Louisiana's most lucrative industries, and it employs thousands of workers from across the state. However, though the industry may be great for the economy, it is not so great for the workers. Much of rig work is done at night, during "shift hours," which, according to the US National Library of Medicine, is between 1900 and 0600 hours.

"Shift work," as night work is commonly called, can be extremely dangerous. According to findings published in the NCBI article, shift work has detrimental effects on sleep, health, safety, working conditions, adaptation and family- and social life. Shift work, in particularl that which occurs between 2200 and 0600 hours, is associated with a range of negative outcomes. The most prevalent consequence of such work is disturbed sleep, such as shortened sleep duration or difficulty falling asleep. It is also associated with extreme fatigue, excessive sleepiness and insomnia. While it was once believed that shift workers adapt to their night work schedule, recent studies show that less than three percent of permanent night workers completely adapt to their night work.

What are the components of chemical hazard labels?

When you work with hazardous chemicals on a job site in Louisiana, those chemicals must have a specific label on them as ordered by the federal government. This label is kept universal so you can easily understand the label on any chemical you work with. However, even though the label is always the same, you also need to understand what information is on the label and how to interpret that information.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, each chemical label has some very basic information to begin with. You will have the product identifier, which is often the name but can also be the chemical code number or batch number. It also shows the name and contact information for the manufacturer.

Things to look out for in a Jones Act case

Louisiana has more opportunities for maritime work than almost anywhere else in the country. When considering the miles of coastline, the Mississippi River delta, the position on the gulf and the fact that the state boasts one of the highest quantities of inland waterways in the USA, it makes sense that there are often plenty of jobs available for seamen. 

With these opportunities often come risks. Luckily, legislators have drafted various laws to offset the danger of various maritime jobs, such as tugboat operation, fishing or oil-rig work. However, the rights these laws protect may sometimes take some work to exercise on an individual basis. Getting the maximum benefit under the Jones Act, for example, could be more complicated than it seems.

Independent contractors: When can you claim for injuries?

One thing that workers' compensation doesn't cover is an independent contractor. A person working as an independent contractor is their own boss, meaning that they take on clients or work as a third-party consultant on a project. While they may work with employees or business owners, they aren't covered by the business owners' workers' compensation benefits.

When an independent contractor gets hurt on the job, it's a serious problem. They have no real way of getting compensated for their injuries through the usual channels, like workers' compensation. They have no other option but to use their own insurance and to file a claim if they've suffered injuries as a result of another person's actions.

Why do people neglect road safety?

Busses could seem like a relatively safe way to travel when looking at the statistics. The U.S. Department of Transportation data for 2016 states that, out of almost a million busses, only 16,000 had accidents that caused injuries. That is an injury rate of less than two percent.

This looks safe until you look at the data for other transportation. Trains, for example, caused around 425 injuries in 2016, according to Bureau of Transportation statistics. When compared to nearly any other form of Louisiana mass transit, commercial motor vehicles begin to seem especially dangerous. 

What should I know about boating safety?

If you own a boat in Louisiana, you likely know that safety is crucial. Not only can taking the proper precautions safeguard you and your passengers, but it can also prevent the need for costly repairs or legal recrimination. DiscoverBoating.com offers the following tips to help you be a safety-minded boater.

Create a float plan

What is a spinal cord injury?

Most people in Louisiana know that the spinal cord is an important part of the body but they may not fully understand what it is or does and how an injury to it may impact a person. Because there are so many situations that could contribute to a spinal cord injury, understanding this is important.

As explained by Johns Hopkins Medicine, a person may experience damage to the spinal cord in a motor vehicle accident, as the result of a birth injury or from a fall at work, at a public venue or elsewhere and more. The spinal cord is not one cord as the name may imply but a group of nerves that run through the vertebrae for protection, carrying vital messages from the brain to the rest of the body.

Watch out for crushing injuries and the life-threatening effects

A crush injury happens when there is an extreme force or pressure placed on a particular body part. The increased pressure results in several types of injuries including bruising, fractures, nerve injury, secondary infection, compartment syndrome, bleeding and others.

Immediately following a crushing injury, most people want to remove the pressure from the injured area. It's usually better not to do so without a medical provider present. The emergency medical team will have the right tools to prevent excessive bleeding, pain and other problems that are associated with crushing injuries.

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