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The medical facts about comas

It is understandable that many families cling to hope when their loved ones suffer injuries that lead to a comatose state. However, as much as hope is a potent medicine, it does not often serve as a full remedy. Comatose states are complex symptoms that arise from a variety of factors.

According to the Mayo Clinic, one of the main deciding factors in someone's ability to recover from a coma is swift and appropriate action as soon as the condition is diagnosed. This duty often falls to medical professionals, such as paramedics and emergency room doctors. Competence in treating comas is often considered as one of the minimum requirements for someone who is responsible for the care of victims of car accidents, construction falls or other common causes of the symptom.

Scooters and motor vehicle collisions

Some people may think that riding a scooter is relatively safe or that the likelihood of an accident is somewhat low, at least in comparison to other types of vehicles. However, those who ride scooters face a number of hazards on the road and accidents involving a scooter can also be dangerous for those driving a car or truck. Whether you ride a scooter or drive any vehicle, it is important to be aware of these risks every time you take to the roadway.

During the summer months, many people like to ride scooters whether they want to enjoy the warmer temperatures or have more free time on their hands because school is out. Unfortunately, when someone riding a scooter is struck by a much larger vehicle, the chances of them becoming seriously hurt or even passing away are especially high. As a result, those riding scooters should be mindful of safety tips such as safe riding and the use of reflective clothing to prevent a crash.

What can I expect from traumatic brain injury rehabilitation?

Recovering from a traumatic brain injury in Louisiana is not the same for every person. The circumstances that produce an injury to the human brain can differ in many ways, which will in turn affect how the brain is injured to even the slightest degree. Understanding what to expect can help you prepare for your needed recovery as well as make sure your recovery program is compensated for.

Once you have been examined and diagnosed, the John Hopkins Medicine website says you can expect a rehabilitation program created that will be tailored to your specific needs. This program will be developed with the input of different professionals in the medical industry, whoever is needed to understand your injury and how to treat it. To consolidate your medical team, you should have a case coordinator that oversees the process and can converse with you about your program.

What should happen in an accident involving rideshare drivers

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are increasing in popular use, but like any other vehicle on the road, Lyft and Uber cars can wind up in automobile accidents. Because these ridesharing companies are fairly new to the driving scene, some people in Louisiana may not know what would happen if an Uber driver collides with their vehicle. Actually, rideshare driver accidents are not much different than ordinary auto accidents, involving many of the same steps that typical drivers would take if they were caught in a wreck.

Insurance is one major concern. If a rideshare driver is involved in an auto collision, how is the rideshare driver covered? Nerdwallet points out that rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber provide insurance coverage for their drivers should they get into an accident. However, rideshare insurance may not cover accidents that take place while a rideshare driver is waiting for a riding request. Such gaps may have to be covered by the driver’s personal coverage.

Filing a claim: Common questions after a truck crash

You were enjoying your time riding your motorcycle, traveling on I-10 alongside multiple other vehicles. The trouble didn't start until a semitruck tried to merge into your lane. The driver must not have seen you, and he merged into the lane so fast that you had nowhere to go.

The impact wasn't too bad, since you had time to slow down and the driver wasn't up to speed. However, you still suffered serious injuries. You have road rash, broken bones and other problems to address. The good news is that you may be able to hold several people responsible for the accident. Possible defendants include the truck driver and his or her employers, the vehicle's mechanic and potentially even others.

Can insurance cover a boat?

Louisiana motorists carry automobile insurance to compensate for injuries and property damage sustained in an auto accident. The same logic applies to boat insurance. Just as you would not want to go out onto the road without insurance, you should also carry insurance as you take your boat out into the Gulf of Mexico for sailing, shrimping or whatever maritime activity you wish.

According to the Insurance Informational Institute, a typical boat insurance policy covers your boat if it sustains physical damage. This can include any component of the vessel that is permanently affixed to it, as well as the hull of the ship, the engine, and boat furnishings. However, some policies do not cover every item that is brought on board the ship, so boat owners will have to check the terms of the policy carefully. For example, a boat owner should ask an insurer if the policy covers lost or damaged fishing equipment brought on board.

What should you do if you are in a hit and run?

Being involved in any accident in Louisiana is upsetting, but when you are involved in a hit and run, it can be even more devastating. A hit and run is when someone causes an accident and leaves the scene. Often this type of accident happens very quickly, leaving you little time to react. However, if you are involved in a hit and run, State Farm suggests you act as fast as possible to gather information that could help find the culprit.

You should immediately write down any information you remember about the other vehicle and how the accident occurred. You also should talk to anyone that is around and may have seen the accident. Get names and contact information if possible. Witnesses may be able to help provide you with more information about the vehicle or driver since they had a different viewpoint. You should take pictures of the scene as well.

Can embarrassing health issues indicate spinal cord injury?

It is commonly said in jest that any crash or accident you can walk away from is a good one. However, just because you do not show signs of obvious injury does not mean you have not suffered serious internal harm. Spinal cord injuries can create any number of symptoms in everyday life some time after the initial injury. It is important for Louisiana residents to recognize these symptoms so they can get checked out for a spinal cord injury as soon as possible.

Some symptoms can be embarrassing. According to the Mayo Clinic, people who have sustained injury to the spinal cord may suffer a loss of ability to control their bladder or their bowels. The injury victim may not be able to control when to use the bathroom, which can put the person in a humiliating position. Injury victims may also suffer spasms or damaged reflexes without warning. These can include twitches or muscle cramps.

Getting employers to take responsibility

Whether you are a roustabout working to keep a rig running or a technician overseeing operations, you face serious risks when you take a job on an offshore platform. Your employer might pay you more for that work than another would for similar work on land, but that does not exclude your company from its responsibility to provide a safe working environment and compensate you adequately for your injuries. Unfortunately, we see many people come into Hale Law Firm facing this very issue of uncooperative employers and insurance companies.

Similarly, the fact that your employers probably provide safety training programs does not lift the responsibility for worker injuries from their shoulders. In fact, many of these programs are required by law and the rest are part of good business planning — companies lose money when workers are injured out on a rig. In short, your employer is probably motivated by self-interest when educating you in safety protocols.

Summer: A hazardous time with an increase in truck accidents

The number of truck accidents that take place increases in the summer months. This is something you should be aware of, especially if you plan to use the highways this summer.

Truck-related crashes happen more in the summer than at other times for a number of reasons. For instance, there may be more tourists on the roads, more traffic from tourists and school letting out as well as additional construction and roadwork taking place in the good weather conditions.

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