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What is PTSD?

A traumatic experience can affect people in different ways. If you have been through something tragic in Louisiana, whether you were physically harmed or not, it could lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, is a continuing issue involving fear, anxiety and other emotions associated with extreme trauma. 

Not everyone who goes through a serious situation will develop PTSD. It is also completely normal to experience symptoms that are associated with PTSD without actually having the disorder. Normal reactions to stress, fear or a tragic situation are what make up this disorder.

What are the most deadly risks on a boat?

Working on a boat or ship is a dangerous occupation, but if you are like many maritime workers, you probably could not imagine working anywhere else. The reality is that for many workers on Louisiana boats, accidents and dangerous situations can be avoided by following proper safety protocols and planning carefully for the unpredictability of the waterways. A good start to preparing properly is understanding what the greatest risks are when you work on a boat.

According to Marine Insight, a common onboard accident scenario is a worker getting stuck in a space with a flammable or toxic gas. Following proper safety procedures for entering confined spaces can help to eliminate these risks. 

How can workers avoid burn injuries on the job?

Burns are a common type of injury in many Lake Charles area work environments. Employees are exposed to chemicals, electrical and thermal hazards that increase their risk of burn trauma. According to the National Law Review, out of the “1.1 million burn victims that receive medical attention each year, approximately 4,500 of them die.” Many of those individuals suffered burns while they were performing their jobs. 

Because burn injuries commonly occur in the workplace, The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) requires employers to follow their fire and burn regulations to protect their workers from harm. Employees should also use the following pointers to reduce the likelihood of burn injuries and other trauma in the workplace. 

What types of airbag injuries do car accidents cause?

One type of car accident injury that often does not get much attention in the Lake Charles area involves airbags. These devices are a standard safety feature in vehicles. They are designed to provide cushioning to help protect victims from the impact of collisions and minimize the likelihood of life-threatening injuries and death. According to Popular Science, airbags have helped save more than 37,000 lives in motor vehicle collisions that occurred from 1975 to 2012. Unfortunately, the same safety feature that is meant to save lives is often a source of injury for some motor vehicle accident victims. 

Motorists should understand that airbag injuries are possible in car accidents, especially if the devices malfunction or are defective. When issues occur that interfere with the proper deployment of an airbag, victims are likely to sustain the following injuries. 

  • Abrasions
  • Bruises and burns
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Concussions
  • Internal hemorrhaging
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Vision and hearing issues 

5 common injuries seafarers face on the job

Working at sea is an enjoyable job, but it can be hard work. Add to that the risk of injuries, and you can see why it's important for seafarers to know their rights when it comes to being compensated for injuries.

Five of the most common injuries deck hands and seafarers face include eye injuries, hand injuries, head injuries, injuries from falls and injuries from cargo handling.

Third shift workers more likely to crash during morning commute

Have you ever wondered why you see and hear about so many car accidents in the Lake Charles area that happen in the morning during your commute? One reason involves third shift workers. People who work the late evening and midnight shifts often leave their jobs feeling drowsy. According to Medical Daily, nightshift workers tend to suffer from sleep impairment and are more likely to crash their vehicles than day shift workers. 

Numerous studies show how dangerous drowsy driving can be. The drowsier the driver, the greater the risk of collision. Sleepy motorists are not fully alert to their surroundings. They cannot avoid potential hazards if they are not aware enough to take measures to avoid them. Sleep impairment also makes it harder for them to make the right decisions when driving. Their driving skills mimic the abilities of intoxicated motorists and the results are often just as deadly. Forbes states that drowsy driving caused more than 5,000 motor vehicle fatalities in 2015. 

Why do large trucks have to be weighed?

As you are driving on Louisiana highways, you probably have noticed trucks leaving the roadway to go into weigh stations. Why do large trucks have to be weighed when passenger vehicles do not? What is the importance of vehicle weight? Does the weighing of trucks have any effects on you? These may be some of the questions that go through your mind when you see a truck pull off. 

According to Industrial Scale Company, there are weight restrictions on trucks set at the state and federal levels. These restrictions are in place for a few reasons. One that probably will not be surprising to you is for tax purposes. Truck weight is used to calculate the taxes paid for that vehicle to help pay for road repairs and maintenance. Another reason is trucks weighing over a certain amount may need special permits, which they must pay for. 

How prepared are you for a car accident?

When car accidents happen in the Lake Charles area, it is not because they are planned. They usually happen unexpectedly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “more than 1,000 people end up with mild to serious injuries in accidents caused by distracted motorists.” With the number of motorists who text-and-drive increasing, accidents are often unavoidable. You cannot predict when you might end up in a motor vehicle collision. But there are actions you can take to prepare yourself. 

Keep a car accident kit in your vehicle. Think of the essential items you might need if your car becomes disabled and you become stranded. Your emergency car accident kit should include batteries, flashlights, blankets, hats, scarves, bottles of water, flares, protein bars or snacks, a spare cellphone and charger and first-aid kit. 

What is anterograde amnesia?

Amnesia is a common plot device used by Hollywood to make movies and television shows more interesting. The idea of someone losing their memory can be romantic when put into a script, such as was done in the movie 50 First Dates. The type of amnesia in that storyline was anterograde amnesia. 

Anterograde amnesia, according to Healthline, is when you are unable to make new memories. It can also include a symptom called retroactive interference. This is when you can remember new information but that information erases old information. 

Why bring an attorney to the scene of a truck accident?

It is not always easy to know what to do after a car accident that involves a commercial truck. These experiences can cause devastating damage, and are rarely simple when it comes to settling claims of injuries and other losses. If a victim does not know how to protect his or her rights at the scene and is unable to collect important evidence, it may prove very difficult to build a successful claim and pursue fair compensation.

Many victims of commercial truck accidents choose to call an attorney to the scene of the accident as soon as it occurs. This helps ensure that the victim focuses on their own physical concerns and can contact family or colleagues to inform them of the accident, while at the same time preserving the victim's rights.

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