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How safe are Louisiana workplaces?

Workplace accidents can and do happen all over the country, and Louisiana is no exception. However, citing evidence from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Louisiana Workforce Commission, New Orleans CityBusiness reports that the rate of workplace injuries in Louisiana is among the lowest in the country. 

Of the 41 states that participated in the survey, Louisiana had the lowest incidence rate of non-fatal illness and injuries related to work activities. Only the District of Columbia's rate was lower. The national average of non-fatal accidents and injuries reported in 2017 was 2.8 per 100 full-time equivalent workers. Louisiana's was considerably lower at 1.9 incidents, a figure that held steady from the preceding year.

Can you help your family member with a TBI to set goals?

When you find out that your loved one has been involved in a catastrophic situation that has resulted in a traumatic brain injury, your first thoughts may center on the likelihood of a full recovery. In serious cases, your family member may experience long-lasting effects that ultimately affect his or her ability to live life the same way as before the accident. However, with a well-rounded team of medical professionals in Louisiana, your loved one has a much higher chance of being able to recover and embrace the changes that resulted from their accident. 

Setting goals is an integral part of your family member's recovery. Depending on the severity of the accident and the injuries that resulted from it, your family member may have suffered injuries that resulted in limitations to their ability to speak, read, communicate and understand you and others in your family. According to healthfully.com, while your loved one may have a significant goal, such as being able to return to their career responsibilities, there will be much smaller goals that they will focus on first such as memory recall and remembering sequences. 

Why is speeding so dangerous?

Drivers in Louisiana must take the proper steps to protect themselves and others on the road. That's why it's imperative all motorists drive at a safe rate of speed at all times. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explains the many dangers associated with speeding. 

People drive at excessive speeds for all sorts of reasons. Lateness is a major contributor, as many people speed in the mornings to ensure they make it to work on time. Other people speed when faced with traffic, which can also lead to other aggressive behaviors. Lastly, many drivers feel a sense of anonymity behind the wheel. This causes a detached thought process where the well-being of others becomes less important. Despite the underlying reasons, speeding is extremely dangerous, as illustrated by the statistics. 

Understanding the Glasgow Coma Scale

After your loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury in Lake Charles, the first and most important question you likely have for their caretakers will be if they can recover (and if so, what extent)? Answering that question with anything approaching exactness may seem impossible, yet people come to us here at the Hale Law Firm all the time asking it anyway. Like them, you may be surprised to learn that clinicians can develop a reasonably good idea of what one's long-term prognosis following a TBI can be thanks to a test known as the Glasgow Coma Scale. 

The reason brain injuries can be so devastating is due to the fact that brain cells cannot be regenerated. This means that whatever damage a TBI does is irreversible. If that damage is mild, then one may experience little more than concussion-like symptoms and quickly return to full health. Severe injuries, however, can leave one completely dependent on around the clock care in order to perform basic functions such as breathing. Knowing which outcome your loved one faces may be a factor in your decision to seek compensation from the party responsible for their TBI. 

Third-party claims are necessary after some construction injuries

Construction accidents are serious matters that must be handled accordingly. While some accidents are the result of employer negligence, others are because of defective tools or equipment. These can produce life-altering injuries that prevent people from being able to go back to work.

One thing that is different in these cases is that the worker would likely use a third-party lawsuit to seek compensation instead of having to go through workers' compensation. A factor that might come into the picture is the severity of the work-related injury.

What is amnestic syndrome?

A catastrophic head injury in Louisiana may result in amnestic syndrome. You may recognize amnestic syndrome by its more commonly known name of amnesia. According to the Mayo Clinic, amnestic syndrome stems from damage to the areas of the brain that process memory. This damage can result from catastrophic injury such as severe trauma. Other possible causes include seizures, strokes, inflammation of the brain, tumors, degenerative neurologic conditions and alcohol or drug use. Amnestic syndrome can also result from psychological trauma. The term for this is dissociative amnesia, and it is one of the rare instances in which a sufferer may lose autobiographical information or personal memories, although this is usually temporary. 

Amnestic syndrome can be retrograde, meaning that it interferes with recollections of the past, or it can be anterograde, meaning that it is more difficult for the individual to form new memories or learn new things. The damage to the brain that can cause memory loss can also contribute to disorientation or confusion. Another possible symptom of amnestic syndrome is confabulation, which consists of memories that are either completely invented and false or else genuine memories that have become distorted into inaccuracy. 

How can I prevent struck by accidents in the workplace?

There are many dangers on a construction site and your employer in Louisiana works very hard to ensure you are as safe as possible. However, your employer can only do so much. You also need to do your part to keep yourself, your co-workers and anyone else on the site safe. OSHA has identified the four main accidents that cause the majority of fatalities on construction sites. The second most deadly type of accident is a struck by accident.

According to Construct Connect, struck by accidents happen when you are hit by an object that is flying, falling, rolling or swinging. Typically, objects are put into motion because safety precautions were not in place, such as barriers. Machinery and tools are also often involved in these accidents. For example, an accidental discharge of a nail gun, a saw blade improperly installed or not enough clearance around a forklift are all situations where you could have a struck by accident.

How to safely share the road with large trucks in Louisiana

Collisions involving large commercial vehicles and smaller passenger automobiles occur all too often in Louisiana, and they frequently result in serious injuries or death for the drivers and passengers of the lighter vehicles. According to the Louisiana Department of Public Safety, the occupants of these smaller vehicles suffer 78 percent of the traffic-related deaths due to such accidents. Therefore, when sharing the road with large trucks, it is important for drivers to follow certain safety practices to help avoid potentially serious, or deadly, trucking crashes.

Perhaps the most important action for drivers to take when sharing the road with tractor-trailers and other such commercial vehicles is to allow them extra room. These large trucks require more room to maneuver and they need a significantly greater distance than smaller, passenger cars in order to stop safely. Providing semitrailers a cushion of safety gives them the time and distance needed to avoid colliding with the vehicles in front of them if they are forced to suddenly slow or stop.

Seaman's rights to maintenance, cure and unearned wages

According to the Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute, maintenance and cure, in brief terms, refers to a seaman's rights to compensation after he sustains injuries on the job. refers to benefits for day-to-day living expenses while refers to medical benefits. Louisiana law requires employers to pay maintenance and cure until the seaman is either to go back to work or has reached a point at which medical treatment can no longer benefit him. FindLaw explains maintenance and cure more in depth, as well as address the topic of unearned wages. 

Seamen, throughout a good portion of the year, live aboard a vessel. When a seaman sustains an injury that keeps him from working, he must find temporary room and board. So he does not have to pay for it out of pocket, maritime law mandates the employer pay maintenance, which should cover the cost of lodging. As of now, the local maintenance rate is between $20 and $30, though many legitimate arguments exist for increasing it.

The link between footwear and car accidents

There are all sorts of reasons why traffic accidents happen, including some which are less common or do not get very much attention. For example, the type of shoes a driver wears could affect their driving, and it may even cause them to lose control of their car. For example, a driver may be unable to hit the brakes in order to avoid a collision because of their footwear, or they may press too hard on the gas pedal.

During the summer months, many drivers wear flip flops, which can be dangerous if their shoes fall off on the road or even become stuck under a pedal. However, footwear that is common in the winter months can also be concerning, such as those who wear very large boots. Moreover, boots may be covered in snow or ice during the winter, which can also affect someone’s ability to drive. Aside from footwear that is common during certain times of the year, drivers may wear trendy or fashionable shoes that are less practical when it comes to driving. For example, someone may not be able to drive as well while wearing high heels.

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