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What are the child restraint requirements?

If you have a young child, it is essential to understand how to safely transport him or her in your vehicle using the proper child restraint system. There are specific laws in place to ensure your child is safe according to child safety guidelines. These laws come from research and studies into child safety in vehicles. They are specific for a reason. The bottom line is following the law helps to keep your child safe if you are in an accident.

The Louisiana State Police states your child needs to be in some type of child safety seat until he or she is six years old and weighs over 60 pounds. Weight is more important than age, so always follow weight guidelines. Do note that you can use an infant, convertible or combination seat. However, you need to follow the manufacturer's weight limits to find the correct type of seat.

Back and spinal cord pain can occur after a crash

In the days following a motor vehicle wreck, you are likely going to experience some soreness. While this is normal, you should pay close attention to how you are feeling. This can guide you in how you handle your recovery.

One particular issue that you need to be aware of is spinal cord pain. This can signal something very wrong. If you have any pain in your spinal cord, be sure to visit your doctor.

Preventing falls in a mine

If you are someone who works in the Louisiana mining industry or if you know a person who does, it is in your best interest to know how a miner can take a nasty stumble in a mine and the best precautions to take. Mines are dangerous places to work, and some of these hazardous conditions can cause miners to fall down if they are not careful.

According to Grainger, many miners do not need to fear plummeting from a great height since many mines are underground. However, there are some mines that do involve tall heights, such as raised goldmines or mountainous mines. These mines may require the construction of scaffolds to reach great heights, in which case mining workers must take great care to maintain their footing, including using harnesses to keep from plunging off the side of the scaffolding.

What is asbestosis?

At this point, you are probably aware that asbestos is a dangerous substance. Since the 1970s, the government has been aware of the danger and made sure your exposure is limited. However, this does not mean asbestos is not still in your environment in Louisiana. It does not mean that you will never come in contact with it. If you do have exposure or you know someone who has had exposure to asbestos in the past, there could be a risk for the development of a condition called asbestosis.

According to the Mayo Clinic, asbestosis is a condition caused by inhaling the fibers of asbestos. It creates a chronic or long-lasting problem with your lungs that could increase your chances of getting lung cancer, along with increasing your chances of other lung ailments.

Do hands-free devices make things safer?

Cell phones have long been seen as a danger when used behind the wheel. Laws popped up to prevent drivers from using their cell phones while driving. To allow people to still make use of calling features, there was the invention of hands-free technology. Most laws allow for hands free use of cell phones. If you are regularly using a hands-free device as you drive on Louisiana roadways, then it is time to learn just how dangerous that may be.

According to Live Science, hands-free devices do nothing to reduce the risks of using a cell phone when you are driving. It is not the actual device that causes distraction. The truth is it is the conversation. Much of conversing is about mental images. When you are talking to someone on the phone, you may create images in your mind about what the other person is saying. This distracts you. Your focus comes off the road and to the conversation. So, as you can see, using a hands-free device would have no effect on your safety issues.

What happens to your body in a car crash?

One of the scariest things you may go through is a car accident. While many accidents in Lousiana are very minor fender benders that do not result in serious injury or damage, there are those that are catastrophic. If you have a serious accident, you should understand what your body goes through during it.

According to Student Edge, the first thing to understand is how physics affects your body in a crash. Some basic scientific laws come into play about bodies in motion. You probably know the idea of a body in motion stays in motion until it is stopped by a fixed object. In an accident, the body in motion is your literal body. As you drive your body is moving along with the vehicle, when your vehicle comes to a sudden stop, your body keeps moving until something stops it. Ideally, your seatbelt and airbags will stop it. The energy alone is very damaging to your body.

How do I handle my boat in cold weather?

The onset of cold weather presents additional challenges for Louisiana boaters. While many boat owners operate on the water without a problem in falling temperatures, it is important to take winter precautions in case the frigid weather impairs the operation of your boat, or worse, endangers the life of you or your passengers.

Frigid temperatures can produce ice, and since your boat is in the water, your vessel is especially vulnerable to ice buildups. Getmyboat recommends that you check the exterior of your craft for ice. Clean off your deck so that you and your passengers do not slip and fall. Similarly, check your masts for ice. Likewise, your antennae might catch some ice, which could impair your radio reception and transmission.

Careless motorists contribute to semitruck crashes

A person who is involved in a semitruck crash can face serious injuries and considerable damage. Sometimes, they will opt to seek compensation for the damages. In order to do this, they must determine whom to hold liable for the incident.

While it is possible that only one person will be held accountable, there are times when more than one factor contributed to the crash. This could mean that multiple people can be named as defendants. Many people don't realize it, but it is possible for drivers other than the trucker to contribute to these wrecks.

What are the dangers of driver fatigue?

Louisiana roadways are shared by many different motorists. Among the cars on the road, it's likely that a percent of the drivers are driving while fatigued. Though this isn't considered a "socially unacceptable" driving behavior like driving under the influence is, it can still have huge detrimental impacts.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) takes a look at the national problem of drowsy driving. Campaigns have been launched lately to try getting the general public to reconsider how they view this behavior, as it can be just as deadly as driving under the influence or driving while distracted.

Recorded workplace accidents down notably in the last 15 years

When people agree to a particular job in Louisiana, they are acknowledging that their job may expose them to the risks that are a given part of the industry they operate in. Depending on their occupation, the risks and hazards they face each day will vary significantly. Employers should provide adequate training and education to allow their workers to learn about how to do certain jobs without compromising quality, and more importantly safety. 

In a recent study that was provided to the public, it was noted that the number of reported workplace accidents and injuries was down significantly in the last several years. In fact, since 15 years ago, the number of verified incidents has been cut in half. Notable details of the survey include that of all of the industries that were tested, each showed a decrease in the number of accidents and injuries that were reported. These industries including manufacturing, construction and transportation. 

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