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April 2017 Archives

Identifying the ‘fatal four’ in construction accidents

The construction industry is one of the most fatal in Louisiana and across the United States. In 2015, one in every five worker deaths were in the field of construction, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Out of the 4,379 people who were killed in workplace accidents that year, 21.4 percent or 937 died in construction. The leading causes of death in the field of construction are referred to as the ‘fatal four’. Researchers indicate that by eliminating the four major causes of construction site deaths, at least 602 lives would be saved each year. The Hale Law Firm understands that many construction site injuries and deaths are preventable, and that all workers are entitled to work in a safe environment.

Toxic neighbors: Filing a claim after suffering from exposure

You have been living near a factory for some time, but you've recently realized that much of its waste seems to be emptying into your local creek. Although you believe the materials probably went through filtering, the people in your area have been coming down with unusual illnesses.

How to spot the signs of road rage

If you have been annoyed with other drivers while navigating through traffic, you are not alone. Research published by AAA reported that as many as 80 percent of drivers in Louisiana and throughout the nation have admitted to experiencing anger while driving. Although this may be somewhat normal to become annoyed while stuck in traffic, aggressive driving involves dangerous behaviors that puts the lives of others in danger. Aggressive drivers have a disregard for other motorists’ safety, as well as their own.

How common are bus accidents?

With the wide variety of travel options available, you may choose to take a car, plane, bus or train to many destinations. While many people have a fear of flying, traveling by bus is generally considered a safe way to go. However, buses might not always be as safe as many people believe. If you have been involved in a bus accident in Louisiana or known someone who has, you may be wondering how common these incidents are. The Journalist Resource reports on studies showing just how safe buses really are.

Maritime injuries: Understanding the Jones Act

Working on a vessel can be a dangerous profession. If an injury occurs, maritime workers may have to seek help through a different route than traditional workers’ compensation. The Jones Act creates such an avenue for maritime employees to seek compensation but you need to understand how the system works.

Traumatic brain injuries: What you should know

Whether you are the victim of a serious car collision or a minor fender bender, you may receive a traumatic brain injury as a result of the accident. Brain injuries are involved in approximately 30 percent of all injury deaths in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Motor vehicle accidents are the third leading cause of TBI-related hospitalizations, emergency room visits and deaths. By understanding how to spot the signs of traumatic brain damage, you may be able to seek immediate medical attention and maximize your chances of recovery.

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