Amnesia: Causes, symptoms and treatment

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Amnesia is one of those conditions that has been romanticized by Hollywood and in books. However, for people in Louisiana who actually suffer from the condition, it is anything but a fairytale. Amnesia is a condition of the brain, and because the brain is not 100 percent understood yet, it means the condition is not either. According to Medical News Today, the general definition of amnesia is the inability to recall or retain memories.

It does not always present itself in the same way because there are different known types of amnesia. It can be temporary or permanent. It can lead to total memory loss or just partial loss. It can involve forgetting a specific incident only or bits and pieces of the past or learned information. It can also present as being able to remember the past but being unable to remember anything new. Most people with amnesia remember who they are and have a good sense of their own self, but there is one type of amnesia where a person does not remember anything about him or herself. Thankfully, it is very rare.

According to Healthline, the condition is often caused by some type of head trauma. This could be a blow to the head, loss of oxygen to the brain or some type of damage to areas of the brain. It may also be caused by alcoholism, stress and natural degradation of the brain that sometimes occurs with aging.

The treatment for amnesia often depends on the cause. For example, someone whose condition was brought on by alcoholism can usually be cured through stopping alcohol consumption. However, for those with brain injuries or age-related issues, there often is no treatment. 

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