Common accident-related neck and back injuries

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Residents of Louisiana who have been involved in car accident may find themselves facing back pain, injury, or trauma. Unfortunately, the neck and back are two areas that often suffer the most damage during a crash, and the damage that’s done can cause long-lasting pain and even disability for long periods of the sufferer’s life.

MedlinePlus states that there are many different areas of the back that can be injured, each leading to different problems. For example, torn tissue like ligaments and muscle may lead to difficulties moving. Fractured vertebrae can cause issues with movement and may also cause the sufferer excruciating amounts of pain, particularly if the damaged bone is touching any nerves in the area. Not treating these injuries in time may cause permanent loss of movement or long-term pain and suffering.

The Back and Neck Pain Center shows that whiplash is one of the most common causes of back and neck injuries in a car accident. Unfortunately, the head rest only reduces a driver’s chance of injury by 11% to 20%. Not wearing a seatbelt can also contribute to brain damage, severe neck injury, and more. However, whiplash can occur even if the driver is wearing their belt. These injuries tend to involve muscles, ligaments, nerves, and spinal discs. As such, they are considered more difficult to treat, which can leave a sufferer trying many different treatment options before finding something that works for them.

Whiplash injuries and other types of neck and back injuries cannot always be prevented even with proper car safety being followed, such as wearing a belt. Keep an eye out for signs or symptoms of damage after getting into a crash, even if the sufferer reports no outward injuries or symptoms at first.

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