These 4 causes of truck accidents can impact you forever

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Imagine being on the highway during a busy rush hour. You already don’t like being on the roads with truck drivers, and now they’re all around you. You’re being extremely cautious, but in only a few minutes, you’ve noticed drivers changing lanes without using their turn signals and weaving in and out of traffic.

It’s true that some truck drivers don’t obey the traffic laws in the state as well as they should. When they don’t, they make it more likely that there will be an accident. Sadly, truck accidents are some of the most severe because of the weights of the vehicles involved.

There are some different causes of trucking accidents you can watch out for, so you can avoid a collision. Common causes for trucking accidents include the following.

1. Drowsiness

One of the major problems truck drivers face is the potential for drowsiness. Driving for many hours is tiresome, and drivers who don’t get enough sleep are at a greater risk of causing a crash. If you see a driver starting to nod off or who is weaving in traffic, it’s a good idea to call the police.

2. Inadequate training

Another reason for crashes is inadequate training. Trucks are heavy, and training is required to teach drivers how to turn, slow down and control the vehicle. Without the appropriate training, drivers could lose control.

3. Speeding

On many highways, there is a marked speed limit. In some states, truck drivers must go slower than passenger vehicles, but many states do not have this requirement. Why would they need to slow down? They need more time to stop, and slower speeds reduce the risk of fatalities in a crash. Despite this, many drivers speed to get where they need to go faster, which is a threat to everyone’s safety.

4. Distractions

Distractions can cause accidents in a number of situations. Drivers shouldn’t text or be distracted by eating behind the wheel, or they could cause an accident.

These four causes of crashes are preventable in most cases. Pay attention to the road, get enough sleep and obey the traffic laws to prevent accidents.

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