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September 2017 Archives

Car accident victims may not know they have brain injuries

Car accidents are so common in the Lake Charles area that many people are becoming desensitized to them. They shrug off their significance until they are in one and forced to deal with the aftermath. Many of them also assume that most car accidents they may be involved in will result in minor injuries at most. It is far more common for individuals to sustain broken bones, brain trauma and die from their wounds in car accidents than it is for them to emerge from their vehicles unscathed.

What are the most common causes of workplace accidents?

Workplace accidents affect everyone. Whether they are minor or severe, they lead to lost work time, wages and can decrease employee morale. Fortunately, most Louisiana workplace accidents occur due to preventable actions. This means you have the opportunity to make your workplace safer and prevent many accidents simply by knowing and understanding the things you should and should not be doing when on the job.

What are the penalties for a hit and run in Louisiana?

Any accident scenario is horrible, but when an accident is a hit and run, it gets even worse. If you have been involved in such an accident situation, you may want to learn more about what penalties you may face as a result. Under the state law, the Louisiana State Legislature defines a hit and run as failing to stop and stay at the scene of an accident. It does not matter if you caused the accident or not. If you leave the scene before giving your identification information to other drivers, reporting the accident to law enforcement and ensuring help is being given to anyone injured, then you are at risk of being charged with a hit and run.

Most slip-and-fall events are preventable

Each year, countless people in the Lake Charles area slip, trip and fall. Some of these incidents occur inside of their homes. However, a growing number of slip-and-fall accidents happen in nonresidential places like in work environments, stores, entertainment venues and restaurants. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 31,959 people die in fall accidents. Many more individuals suffer mild to catastrophic injuries, such as concussions, bone fractures and brain trauma. 

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