Driving habits that increase your risk of accidents

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Everyone in the Lake Charles area and across the country has bad habits. Many of those habits are not detrimental to their health and safety. They can make and break them at will and develop better habits. However, when individuals develop bad driving habits, the consequences can be serious and fatal. 

Car accidents are events that many individuals do not believe are serious until they are in one. Many drivers are so overconfident in their skills that they take their safety for granted. They do not understand or realize that their bad habits increase their risk of crashing their vehicles and killing someone. According to RoadandTrack.com, driver error is often the biggest factor in motor vehicle collisions. Here are some common bad habits that motorists exhibit behind the wheel. 

Speeding and driving too slow 

Speed limits are necessary to regulate the flow of traffic and keep motorists from driving too fast and slowly. Not all drivers are in a rush to get to their destinations. Sometimes they are tired, enjoying the scenery or distracted. As a result, they fail to recognize changes in speed limits or realize that their actions are impeding the proper flow of traffic. 

Not staying alert and attentive 

Driving is not as fun as it is made out to be on television. Many people have long commutes and become tired and bored after driving for long periods of time. To help them stay remotely focused they start thinking about other things than driving. They may text and call their friends, relative and colleagues and use social media apps while operating their vehicles. A survey posted by USA Today shows that “one-third of participants composed and sent text messages” while they were behind the wheel. 

It is important for motorists to understand how detrimental their actions are when they are operating their vehicles. Bad habits and ignorance can lead to car accidents. The key to avoiding collisions is to use safe driving habits at all times.

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