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November 2017 Archives

What are the “no zones” of a semi truck?

In a previous blog post, you learned some tips to driving safely around large trucks. One of those tips mentioned the trucks "no zones." In order to stay safe and to be able to share Louisiana roadways with trucks and avoid accidents, you must completely understand what the "no zones" are and why they are so critical.

Understanding the Glasgow Coma Score

The family and friends of those in Lake Charles who suffer traumatic brain injuries almost all share the same question: To what extent will their loved ones recover? That depends largely on each TBI victim's diagnosis. In the immediate aftermath of an accident that leaves one with a TBI, the grief that his or her family and friends feel might make it difficult to fully process the information that doctors share with them. Yet if there is one element that they will want to remember, it is their loved ones' Glasgow Coma Score. 

Seat belt use saves lives in car accidents

Each day, drivers and their passengers face various hazards during their commutes. One of the best things motorists can do to minimize their risk of serious injury and death is to wear seatbelts. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “crash related-injuries and deaths decrease in half when seat belts are used.” 

Do you know how to avoid distractions while driving?

Each second you spend on the roads in the Lake Charles area is one that may change your life forever. Car accidents happen all the time, especially when distractions are involved. In 2015, 3,477 people lost their lives to motor vehicle crashes where distractions were present, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Many drivers believe they are good drivers. Those same individuals use distractions to keep them interested in the task of driving. 

Chronic pain: Getting the diagnosis right is the first step

Injuries take place for many reasons, and as someone with an injury caused by another party, you're dealing with the stress of the injury as well as the injustice of the situation. It's important for you to obtain compensation, but it's also important to know how to handle your injury.

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