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December 2017 Archives

What preventative steps can you take to stay safe on an oil rig?

If your profession requires you to work in or around an oil rig, you face a heightened set of risks that are unique to the industry. Because of the harsh environmental conditions, heavy machinery and equipment, and elemental exposure you face each day, you are at risk of injury especially if you are careless or passive about adhering to safety requirements. Fortunately, you can better protect yourself and reduce your chances of serious injury by implementing preventative steps that will allow you to do your job efficiently without compromising your safety.

Alleged drunk driving to blame in deadly Louisiana crash

For many Louisiana motorists, their primary concern is the safety of themselves, their passengers and other drivers on the road. They take vigilant care to make sure they follow the rules of the road and drive defensively to effectively avoid potential road hazards. However, despite the responsibility of a majority of drivers, there are unfortunately those who make careless decisions that put the lives of everyone around them at risk. 

Avoid risky driving around commercial trucks

Any car accident can cause serious injury or death, and accidents involving large commercial trucks can be absolutely devastating. Unfortunately, many drivers do not drive with care around commercial trucks, and often contribute to very serious accidents that they could have avoided. Commercial truck drivers face a number of additional difficulties that consumer drivers often don't consider.

What court has jurisdiction over maritime issues?

Jurisdiction is when a court has the right to hear a case. If a case falls outside of a court's jurisdiction, then it cannot hear it. This is important when it comes to any area of law but especially for admiralty and maritime law in Louisiana. Knowing about jurisdiction is important to your case and could affect its outcome.

Ways you can effectively prevent falls in the workplace

While the risks of getting injured at work are present at any job, you may be well aware that those risks are heightened significantly in the construction industry. Because your workers are required to work at height to complete their assignments, they are subjected to increased danger from falling. Fortunately, with your proactive leadership, you can help your workers stay safer and effectively prevent falls from happening in the workplace. At Hale Law Firm, we understand the risks construction workers face and have experience helping Louisiana companies to facilitate workers' compensation claims.

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