Ways you can effectively prevent falls in the workplace

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While the risks of getting injured at work are present at any job, you may be well aware that those risks are heightened significantly in the construction industry. Because your workers are required to work at height to complete their assignments, they are subjected to increased danger from falling. Fortunately, with your proactive leadership, you can help your workers stay safer and effectively prevent falls from happening in the workplace. At Hale Injury Lawyers, we understand the risks construction workers face and have experience helping Louisiana companies to facilitate workers’ compensation claims.

According to OSHA Training Institute Education Center, some of the things you can do to encourage worker safety and prevent falls include the following:

  • Make sure your workers have convenient access to the proper equipment needed to do their job effectively and safely. Well maintained ladders, FPAs and scaffolding equipment can protect your workers so they can do their job without compromising their safety.
  • Take enough time to plan certain projects and educate your workers on which process to follow so they are familiar with your requirements. You should also provide safety information about how they should react in certain scenarios or when faced with danger.  
  • Coordinate regular trainings to teach your workers how to use certain equipment, how to look out for each other, and how to maintain a workplace environment that is free of danger. Encourage your workers to be responsible about their work and to avoid distractions and careless behavior.

By following these tips to prevent falls in the workplace, you can better protect the safety of your employees and encourage responsibility and productivity. For more information about preventing workplace accidents, visit our web page. 

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