Commercial accidents: The serious nature of a commercial crash

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You had your next few years planned out. You were budgeting for a home, wanted to start a family and thought about getting married. That all fell apart when you were struck by a commercial vehicle.

You had been traveling on a local highway, and you knew that there were plenty of 18-wheelers out that day, but you didn’t think you were in danger. Then, one of the drivers swerved into your lane suddenly, catching you off-guard and causing you to lose control of your vehicle. Now, days later, you’re dealing with serious injuries and paralysis. You may never be able to move forward with your goals.

What should victims of spinal injuries know?

Spinal injuries are not the life sentence they used to be. Many advancements in technology make it possible to recover from significant injuries. Even if a full recovery isn’t possible, the technology available today makes it possible to live well despite a spinal injury.

It’s always encouraged that those involved in a commercial accident resulting in spinal injuries take their time before accepting a settlement. You want to make sure you are paid enough to try new medical advancements, which could help you walk again in the future.

Why are commercial accidents likely to cause serious or fatal injuries?

The main reason is because of the weight differences between vehicles. When one vehicle weighs a ton but the other weighs 10 tons, there is little to leave to the imagination. An impact almost always results in the passengers in a smaller vehicle suffering serious injuries while the driver of the larger vehicle is less likely to be injured at all.

On top of this, many commercial vehicles carry freight. Depending on the kind of freight on board, there may be hazardous materials or heavy items that could cause further damage to the vehicles involved in the crash and cause serious injuries to the people in the crash. For example, if the vehicle is carrying gasoline, there would be a high risk of explosions, acid burns and fires following an accident if that freight leaks.

What should you do after a commercial accident?

It’s in your best interests to first get medical help and then to look into your legal options. There is a limited amount of time that you have to begin a claim. You don’t have to settle a claim immediately, but you should start the process as soon as you can.

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