Can embarrassing health issues indicate spinal cord injury?

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It is commonly said in jest that any crash or accident you can walk away from is a good one. However, just because you do not show signs of obvious injury does not mean you have not suffered serious internal harm. Spinal cord injuries can create any number of symptoms in everyday life some time after the initial injury. It is important for Louisiana residents to recognize these symptoms so they can get checked out for a spinal cord injury as soon as possible.

Some symptoms can be embarrassing. According to the Mayo Clinic, people who have sustained injury to the spinal cord may suffer a loss of ability to control their bladder or their bowels. The injury victim may not be able to control when to use the bathroom, which can put the person in a humiliating position. Injury victims may also suffer spasms or damaged reflexes without warning. These can include twitches or muscle cramps.

Spinal cord problems can also affect a person’s bedroom performance. An injury victim may experience changes in sexual sensitivity or have problems in performing with an intimate partner. Additionally, a spinal cord injury may affect a man’s ability to get a female partner pregnant. A female who has suffered injury could also suffer problems conceiving a child.

Paralysis is one of the most commonly thought of results of a spinal cord injury. The truth is that while spinal cord damage does not always result in the loss of limb use, that does not mean an injury victim will not suffer trouble walking or moving about. The victim could experience trouble with balance. Weakness may also impair a person’s ability to walk. Injury victims could require greater effort to lift and move their legs.

Health problems that are humiliating or inconvenient can be signs of major trouble. Anyone who has suffered an accident or experienced a car crash should be examined by a doctor as soon as it is possible. The sooner you discover that you have a spinal cord injury, the sooner you can have it treated and begin the process of applying for insurance compensation if the situation calls for it.

This article is written to educate readers on catastrophic injuries and is not to be taken as legal advice.

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