How do I choose a life jacket?

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One of the best ways to protect yourself and ensure your safety when on Louisiana waterways is to wear a life jacket. Any life jacket you wear should be U.S. Coast Guard approved. The Coast Guard also explains that while there is no single best life jacket, the best one for you is the one you will wear, so it is essential to choose one carefully.

You should always make sure that it fits properly. Make sure you can move in it and that it is comfortable. This will help ensure that you will actually wear it, which is important because it cannot do any good if it is not on your body when you are on the water. Always check the label to look for manufacturer’s guidelines. These usually include weight measurements that can help you find the right size.

The type of life jacket you get doesn’t really matter as long as it fits the type of water activities you do. Make sure whatever you get is approved and that it will offer you the protection you would need if you fell into the water.

It is also important that once you get a life jacket that you check it regularly for wear. Always pay attention to any dates indicating life span. Look for rips or tears. If a jacket is torn, it becomes less able to keep you afloat should you end up in the water.

Finally, always wear your life jacket when on the water. This cannot be stressed enough. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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